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Thanks alot for these comparisons!!!

I'm really looking for the analytical and flat sound of the ER4, for working with my phones in soundproduction. So you'd say its perhaps more the attributes of RE0?

Also I'd like to add, since this is my first posting here, this seems to be a wonderful forum!
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I would go with Etymotics if you are looking for flat sound. They are flatter than the RE0s, but not as revealing.
The problem with the RE0 is that I have moved on. I thought I could find satisfaction in how they present the sound, however, I didn't think that they would sound so extremely thin, if not paired properly with an amp. So now I am a happy owner of the HF5, they are awesome!
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compared to er4p?

How does the H5 compare to their big brother (sister) -Er4p? Warmer- more bass- less bass -- Ect.

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I am sorry but I don't own both form what I read is that they sound very similar - the hf5 having not matched drivers like the er4 do:
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seb, how do the bass, mids and highs compare? I would like more info on the subject, thanks
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Nearly identical since they use the same drivers and same housing shape. ER4P has a bit higher impedance so it benefits more from amping.

No amp: Go with HF5
With amp: Go with ER4P
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Puzzled by the lack of popularity of the HF5s.
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Originally Posted by Inks View Post
Puzzled by the lack of popularity of the HF5s.
I agree but it just shows how important bass and a "fullness of sound" is to most people. Great IEM for the price. Probably better than ER4P unamped.
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hi ,

well i have been blasting musik through my HF5's and really notices how awesome they truly sound. i also have a pair of grado's for listening at the desk but now a days rarely use them ! the ety's are very crisp, have a nice midrange and adequate low end according to me. the bass is tight, and i like it ! only issues are with the sound stage which i feel is pretty small and the amount of bass which these IEM's have.

i have been only using them for the past 1 week, and am satisfied with the way they sound . will be putting up a short review once my SA-6 arrives
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Good call Spyro, it's too bad most people are used to a colored bass response.

I would take accurate bass over bass that interferes with the rest of the of the spectrum even though it might make things sound cold in the process.
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Since it seems these hf5 are often favorably compared to the er4p, how would the hf5 compare with the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10?
which at the latest sale price is actually less than the hf5.
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Soundwise I find TFP much better. Fit wise HF5 are much better.
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Is the fit do to the design or the flanges/foams and the way they fit?
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I'm sure lots will think otherwise and prefer the HF5s over the triplefis because the only stronger point I could think of of the TF10s is the bass.
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I was very interested in these, until last week. In fact I tried to get some feedback for these vs. the UE 700 to no avail.

Anyway, moot point now that I have some TF10s on their way.
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