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Arstechnica members?

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I notice Xevion is one... (right?)

I was one too (used to post a bit in the forum, now just mainly look at the news)

Anyone else?
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Yup, Xevion is one.

so am I!!!

andrzejpw on ars too.
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What's your name there? Mine is just Jo
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andrzejpw on ars
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I am indeed Xevion on Ars. I spend most of my time in A/V.
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I'm a member too, although I haven't coughed up any dough for a full membership yet (i keep meaning too). My name is TommyDisfiger there. I don't post much, but when I do it's usually in the games forum.
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Mumrik on Ars too since March 09, 1999...

On the [H] (where I spend most of my time), Procooling and a ton of other places as well

These days I mostly visit the [H] and Head-Fi though... I still go to Ars from time to time...
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show the ars spirit!!!
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Checking in... gloom since 11 Oct. '99!
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Go Ars!

Unfortunately, I don't head there much anymore.
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show the ars spirit!!!
Yes, for great justice!
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Me too, haven't been here for long though.
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/me raises his hand

I have been reading Ars for about two years now. I tend to lurk though, as I do here.

Lurkers unite!

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I read Ars every other day, but don't really venture into the forums.
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