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Best Porcupine Tree Studio Album?

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So... they've already got 10 albums out. Which is are the best?

I wanted to include the amazing "Nil Recurring" EP, but 10 is the max the poll can handle
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i abstain due to inability to choose more than one
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In Absentia
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Originally Posted by SiriuslyCold View Post
i abstain due to inability to choose more than one
Yeah, I wanted to do a multiple-vote poll... but figured that some users might go ape**** and vote for an unreasonable number of albums.

If I could have limited the number of votes to 2 or 3, I would have done that.
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i was referring to my inability to decide hehe

I would guess the general opinion would be In Absentia ... or FOaBP depending on how many metalheads get attracted to your poll

seriously though, for me they are in a sort of rotation for top spot so I might say The Incident now and Deadwing sometime later and TSMS another time
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Haha okay. Anyway... in my case, I can't choose anything pre-"In Absentia" for the reason that everything they did before that album sounds too soft for me.

I like them best when they bring the heavy.

I went with "Deadwing" anyway.
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I voted "The Incident",
others are good albums, with good songs, their last is like a 2009 album written by Pink Floyd,

Its the most closest album I know to "DSOM",
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FOABP at the moment.
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1. In Absentia
3. Deadwing
4. Stupid Dream
5. The Incident
6. Signify
7. Lightbulb Sun
8. The Sky Moves Sideways
9. Up The Downstair
10. On the Sunday of Life
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In Absentia
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I guess most current fans, and recent converts, dig In Absentia most. They really made a stylistic switch there. I'm a pre- In Absentia fan and for me it's very hard to pick between Lightbulb Sun, Signify or even Recordings. Stupid Dream has always been a bit too weird, and while I love the early experimental krautrock experimentation those albums weren't as strong as say Lightbulb Sun.
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Up the Downstair - the original disk, not the re-master where drums and many vocals are re-recorded and all emotion found in the original disk is lost. That re-master is a travesty and it's a shame that so many will not hear the album as it should have been.

I can't listen to PT starting with In Absentia and on. They lost the magic that they had on earlier albums and everything they made afterward sounds uninspired and dull. My favorite tracks though are "Radioactive Toy" and "Nine Cats" from On the Sunday of Life. Signify and Sky Moves Sideways has some magical tracks as well, and Lightbulb Sun is my favorite out of the pop phase PT, but it still has that dreamy, almost narcotic quality that made their early sound so memorable. Recordings is a great disk too with some solid tracks.

I do miss Wilson's solos. His tone and touch on the earlier, more electronic stuff was incredible.

I gave up on PT after Deadwing.
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The earlier albums are too soft and dull. I like how the post-Lightbulb Sun albums feature a more energetic and varied PT sound.
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Wow, I voted for IA before I even saw the results. Glad to see we all have similar taste. But it was a toss up with Signify, which I'm shocked no one voted for.
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I have to say that if I were to have to vote for the one album I like best, it would be In Absentia. But you asked which was their best studio album, which means special effects and atmosphere and such. In that case I voted for The Sky Moves Sideways.

Maybe I misread your intention?
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