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Mangoloid, most people use acoustic foam (Paxmate or Silverstone) on the front side ear baffle. The 2mm craft felt is different and used as a replacement for the stock paper/felt on the back of the drivers. However, I don't think many people are using that anymore. If possible, leave the stock paper/felt on the back of the driver. If you really can't tune them to your liking, removing and replacing it is a viable last step to try. This is speaking from personal experience. I wish I had kept the stock paper/felt in place and tried to work with it. It all worked out in the end, though, as I did find a specific felt and configuration that I really like with these! Hopefully that answers at least that question, and I hope I didn't misunderstand you!

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Yeah, I'm not sure that the 2mm stiff felt would absorb much in front of the driver.


I've had good luck with both Paxmate and Suede in front of the driver--just make sure you leave a hole in front of the driver itself--both of those are non-porous materials.


I'm also not sure that's going to give you that much more bass, though.

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In my opinion, stiff craft felt don't really give you deeper bass or it may be might hearing. In order to achieve more bass, you should remove the stock bass vent and tune to  your liking by removing some slot with electrical tape. And i think you should try transpore to cover back of the driver, me and many other people get great result with it.

P/s: to get deep bass, It's REALLY IMPORTANT to make good seal. I tried HDman's plastic riser ( 27mm in the middle and 15mm at rear) and it really bring out sub bass, the earpad become tigher and isolate more.

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Hey guys, 


I'm a new T50 modder. I just put in plasticine, and am waiting for FatMat/PaxMate. 


Out of boredom, I put replaced my SRH840 pads with my extra set of HM5 pads (which seems to be almost identical to the FA-003). These pads are deeper and better cushioned.

Check out the size difference:


(SRH840 on the left, HM5 on the right)


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Originally Posted by Mangoloid View Post

I understand that the FA-003 pads are becoming more popular due to their great seal. I am interested in giving them a try. How do you acquire said pads, and how do you put them on without ripping them? I am aware of the 'sewing stretchable socks' technique, but I've seen others manage to attach the ear pads with no tears (pun maybe intended).


I am not sure if the HM5 pads and the FA-003 ones are the same, but the headphones themselves seem to be almost identical.


If they are, I can tell you that the pads just barely fit. I think I might have ripped them a little bit, actually, and I'm not looking forward to taking them off to open up my T50s again, but oh well. They're definitely more comfortable and I think I prefer the sound signature too. Right now I'm listening with an SRH840 pad on the left and an HM5 pad on the right. I keep going back and forth between the two. I kind of want to say that the bass on the HM5 pads is better.

If there's anyway I can help you, let me know!


EDIT: I am now super pleased with the HM5 pads. I suspect that if the clamp of the T50RPs were increased, the bass would be a little better.


The bass/subbass on this sounds quite good:


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Really digging my T50rp after some recent mods!  Yay!  Been listening to them exclusively for the past couple days. 

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I have sold my T50RP's, goodbye T50RP thread, see you again maybe another time, adios amigos.  atsmile.gif

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Figured I may as well chime in with my newbie efforts here.  I picked up the T50rp but the silverstone and 840 pads are on backorder for a week or two it seems, so I started tinkering without them.  Well, first I gave the stock cans an evening to familiarize myself with, and my impressions about them are the same as everyone else and their mom's: totally luscious mids, rolled off lows and highs, hugely dark presentation.  Responsive, nice imaging and decent soundstage, which I wasn't expecting from mostly closed phones.


I should have given myself longer to acquaint myself with the stock sound, since this was the only time I was going to be able to listen to 'A' in the A/B B/C C/D etcs that I knew would ensue... but screw it, after a couple hours I went to town with the screwdrivers and never looked back.


What followed was a flurry of irresponsible and mostly futile modding attempts using pretty much anything I had lying around the house.  Versions went like this:


v1: +plasticine damped baffles, +4-ply drier sheet square over driver w/ stock white felt intact

v2: 4-ply sheets pared down to 2-ply, +plastic reflex square over middle driver square, +4mm cardboard cookie on top of drier sheets, +1/4 in. low density memory foam on back of earcups

v3: -drier sheets on driver, -reflex square, cookie only thing left on driver, -memory foam from cup backs, +8-ply drier sheeting on backs and walls of cups

v4: -cardboard cookie, +1 teased cotton ball per ear cup

v5: -drier sheeting from back of cups, -cotton from cups, only plasticine damping is left


Starting with v1 and ensuing pretty much all the way through the experiments, the only change from stock was a significant bump in the 7-9ish khz range, fairly tinny and sibilant and not fun at all to hear crop up.  I thought this most probably had something to do with the various dingums I was gluing to the driver and kept fiddling with them trying to find a happy medium between stock and v1 peakishness, but it never diminished.


Really the only modification that persisted throughout was the plasticine-loaded baffles... I'd thought the mass loading was to stabilize the driver and tighten up the bass, not anything to do with the treble?  Is it conceivable it'd bring the highs so much forward like that?


Overall I'm pretty sore about the lack of variation I heard between the mods but I did jump into the little stuff before doing the two biggest things I could have done (pads and acoustic foam).  I'll have to dig back into this project after the rest of the goods are delivered.

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You're not crazy.  About the plasticine at least.  It (and Tak as well) reflects differently than plastic, and it sounds brighter in every phone I've used it in. 


Not sure about the other stuff, just go with what sounds good.  :-)

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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

 It (and Tak as well) reflects differently than plastic, and it sounds brighter in every phone I've used it in. 



I always cover the areas of the putty I use as much as possible with a layer of dense felt to help with that. It should stick if you press it on, or at least I think works better . Just how much of a fix that is will be up to your ears.


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I love this headband. An ear pad used as the headband is significantly better than a piece of paper for comfort using the suspension headband. I felt like the hair ties were too tight originally , but I looped them through the headphone itself to let them be more loose when worn. I love it.

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Hm, I was just listening to this song, and I realized that the sub-bass seems to be stronger in the right side than the left...not sure if that's due to the headphones or if it's just me.  I did damage the left side, though, by filling the baffle with plasticine where the the connector was supposed to go, this eventually broke something and separated the back of the baffle (the earside part) from the rest of it, and now there's a small opening there...I think this could have broken the seal a little bit.  I tried covering it with some duct tape, but I might need more than just that...anyway, is it just the song here or what?


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Originally Posted by SanjiWatsuki View Post


I love this headband. An ear pad used as the headband is significantly better than a piece of paper for comfort using the suspension headband. I felt like the hair ties were too tight originally , but I looped them through the headphone itself to let them be more loose when worn. I love it.

A while back I used paper covered in black duct tape, and then I used the same tape to adhere the earpad to the bottom of the paper. Same idea, and man does it make them soooo comfy.


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Just about done with mods on one ear, will throw up pics when I get back on monday.  Mods are based on the RP2:

  • Plasticine inside surrounding the driver, paxmate ontop of the plasticine
  • Fatmat in the back of the cup, paxmate covering the entire back of the cup (covering both the vent and the center post)
  • 4ish Cotton balls torn up and clumped together in the cup.
  • 840 pads



  • I left the black felt over the vent in the back of the cup
  • Left the felt on both sides on the driver intact (the white felt on the cup-side, and the black felt on the ear-side)
  • I didn't put any sort of reflex dot on the white felt on the driver.
  • Mrspeakers advises 6-7 cotton balls "teased and spread evenly in the cup", but I definitely could not fit that many in and still be able to close it.  I also don't really know what spread evenly is supposed to look like, mine just looks like a one big ball of torn up cotton.


So the left ear is completely stock, and the right ear is modded as above, and while I haven't sat down for an extended listen I am already amazed at the clarity and strength of the upper mids and highs.  Very detailed and clear.  The problem is the lack of presence in bass and lower mids.  I'd even go so far as to say the bass is practically nonexistent.  What do I need to do to fix this? I'm also not incredibly impressed with the sound of the 840 pads, although they are much more comfortable, it just makes the sound too distant.  I suppose it's worth stating that I've only listened off my ipod, and as soon as I get some AAA batteries at the store tomorrow morning I'll see if my airhead will have enough juice to make these sound any better (yeah I know I know, I've been trying to save up for a decent dac/amp)

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Sub-bass is stronger in the right for me too. It's the song, I believe.

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