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Where do you buy the Rev1 pads and how much?

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So I got the O2 pads today. I left work early to pick them up and just made it. The post office closed like 5 minuets earlier but one of their employees was nice enough to get it for me. I like the comfort better already although I think I may try the suspension mod by LFF or pick up one of those headband pads for the HD600,5800,650 from B&H and then find a rubber band or something to hold it together without having to glue it...or double sided tape may work


As for sound my mods are still quite incomplete and I actually ordered some acoustic foam earlier this week to experiment on some things but there seems to be a good amount of more bass. Although it may also be that the mids are less so the bass seems more but I'm not going back tot he stock pads. I also took off the double sided tape that helps hold the stock pads on without falling off. I can't notice too much difference between the treble but my mods still has the bass port uncovered and will eventually get to it.


I'm hoping to have everything by the weekend and then try the Rastapants2 mod on them.

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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

Where do you buy the Rev1 pads and how much?

Call Audez'e. Say you have a rev 1 and you like thew rev 1 pads (don't let them know it's for fostex T50. tongue.gif)


50$ (they should be.) They were 50$ while when the 'rev 2' was introduced the pads took a hike to 80$...... understandable, but still a little high imo... 60$ would have been more fair... but w/e audez'e. "Love your company, but for the price of your pads, I have a headphone that bests yours, so...." tongue.gif


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Originally Posted by Hennyo View Post
but w/e audez'e. "Love your company, but for the price of your pads, I have a headphone that bests yours, so...." tongue.gif




Talk about trolling....tongue_smile.gif

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Thanks for the comments.  My comparisons of mods I've made (based on the creativity and experimentation of so many on this forum!) are offered for what they are worth to anyone who cares to read what I post.  I have no other agenda.  It should go without having to say that I/we post our subjective opinions that will likely be different from the next guy's.  Some will agree. Some will disagree. Ultimately, we're all correct when we post what sounds good to us. Opinions should not be confused with "absolute truth" because I don't think this can ever be measured or determined.  


I agree that the 840 pads are much better than the stock pads for some configurations.  I was skeptical about this until I tried it on my version of mods modeled after mrspeakers' RP2's.  I found, however, that the 840 pads cleaned up the mids and improved top end clarity, as well.  I can see, now, how Stax O2 pads could take it to a whole 'nother level.  I am not interested, however, in spending 2X the price of the T50RP's for pads since I already have LCD2's and my goal has been to get the best sound I can out of T50RP's for under $100 total price.  If, on the other hand, I did not have the LCD2's, I would be interested in listening to a modded set with the O2 pads and decide for myself if the upgrade is worth it to me.  Heck, I'd love to hear them anyway just to satisfy my curiosity.  The same can be said for stiffened vs. "limp" felt.  I was surprised to find that stiffened felt produces better overall SQ when applied to "naked" drivers than limp felt; again, with improved clarity and tight bass.


Thanks, also, for the tip about how to put the 840 pads on more easily.  It works!


You make some good points about the known and unknown variables that interact in many different ways to produce any given result.  We are further hindered, I believe, by the lack of solid operational definitions as we try to objectively put into words what we subjectively hear.

Originally Posted by Questhate View Post

Just caught up since I last posted. Boy, does this thread move fast! 


Thanks for all of your time and effort in doing these side-by-side comparisons. I've personally found them very helpful in figuring out where to focus my mods. It's been a great resource to the thread to have someone systematically testing each and every variable. 


BTW, as an aside, I found the 840 pads to be much easier to put on, if you roll the flaps over the earpads, put them into position, and then roll them onto the headphone baffle. This way, you have much less chance of the flaps getting stuck between the earpad and baffle. 


This makes sense. When I switched to the 840 pads, the immediate thing I noticed was that the mids settled into the rest of the spectrum better, which made the bass a bit more commanding and the treble more upfront in the presentation. I can only imagine the O2 pads further increasing this gain, given that they move the drivers even a bit further away from your ears and possibly creating a better seal. On side by side comparisons to the LCDs, I'm detecting a slight upside-down U-shaped curve with the 840. The mids are more upfront in the presentation on the Fostex, while the LCDs have the mids planted more evenly with the rest of the spectrum. I imagine the O2 pads making these perfect with your particular tuning.


It's always a sensitive subject when people share their hard work for the rest of the community to try and test, but people have been tactful in voicing any disagreements so far. Also, people have to remember that there are dozens of variables at play that may affect the sound, like gear synergies or even the listener's mood at the time, that don't even have anything to do with the actual mods. Or, maybe a certain specific mod doesn't mesh well with the rest of the mods in another person's headphone (which is why I try to disclose all of my mods when giving impressions of anyone else's ideas). That's why it's so hard to get many universal truths on these things etched in stone. But, still the testing and impressions is very valuable to the rest of the community. 



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Sure.  I am interested if this material will provide an improvement over Paxmate Plus.  I should have it within 1 week.  


If you want to check on shipping from USA to Russia (?) and associated fees/customs requirements, I might be able to send you some - for free.  If interested, let me know what you learn.

Originally Posted by Cortlendt View Post

BMF, please provide the feedback on the AcoustiPack material. It seems interesting.


By the way, when I've put raisers beneath the stock pads - 5mm thickness donut underneath whole pad and additional 5mm beneath the back side (back side flap barely fits) I've noticed some reduction in mids honk.


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I have to say, being able to obtain such good sound quality without dropping $1000+ makes pursuing Hi-Fi headphones a lot less encouraged for my wallet.  I used to want to throw down $400 for a pair of cans because I thought they could be a game changer, but now I'm refusing to pay for $150 pads because they might help part of the sound.  I'm just so happy with the sound I already have I don't really even care about upgrading when the upgrade is an uncertainty. 


I can finally say that with my audio set up, I like where I am in terms of headphones.  I will now be focused on building more amps and DAC's like the Gamma1 (soon to be Gamma2) and EHHA Rev A that I am currently building to partially replace my Bijou/Opus combo. 

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I think I've decided that these need to be in stock so I can buy 2 more pairs. The pair right now mostly due to laziness shall be my "fun" pair. I'd like to have a stock one and then have another one where it can be more neutral which is more like the RP2 I'm assuming..or I can wait until the weekend and hope my laziness passes.


The bass port uncovered with modeling clay in most of the typical places, felt over the driver after removing the white felt and acoustic foam in the cup. I also have the O2 pads as I find the stock ones are horrible. That's what I have now and although the bass quality is a bit "boomy" I don't really have a desire to open it up again. 

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Just got some dynamat knock off material.  Pretty nasty stuff - bituminous material backed with foil.  Looks about 4mm thick also so will take a lot of volume out of the cup.  Ordered this material in 2mm along with some cardas quad eutactic solder also.  I'm guessing that material can be doubled up if it needs to but I think 2mm might be a good starting point to add a second layer from later.  Wire will probably be from whichever LCD-2 cable I like the lest.  Should be fun.

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I suggest you to remove the metal foil to avoid reflections, even if you cover it with Paxmate.


BTW, the more I listen to my Fosteximus T50RPrime, the happier I am.

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tungsten putty arrived also - 30 grams isn't much.  I'd say you need probably 60 grams each driver, and that's not really all that economical at around $7-9 for 30 grams.  The stuff I have might even be water based.triportsad.gif


Not sure how you could remove the foil - its kind of stuck to the bitumen isn't it?

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Yeah, you need to peel it off, but it's kinda tricky. With a bit of patience you will achieve it.


I used plasticine in the back of the cups instead of Dynamat, due to past bad experiences with it.

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Then I urge you to update your avatar:


Originally Posted by SLaRe View Post

I suggest you to remove the metal foil to avoid reflections, even if you cover it with Paxmate.


BTW, the more I listen to my Fosteximus T50RPrime, the happier I am.


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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

Then I urge you to update your avatar:



hahahaha nice one.


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Happy SLaRe

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