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Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW! - Page 235

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Have finished stage 1 of my modifications:






observations: veil gone (probably mostly from removing the felt over front of driver/inside of cup.

adding felt to inside of cup has reduced efficiency and I don't notice resonance issues as much.

I can only imagine how good this will be with a proper dual entry recable with some decent wire.

Not even sure if I want to go to wooden cups at this stage.  Seems a bit costly.

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Originally Posted by drez View Post




What material did you use over the driver in the earside?


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I used the finest tulle I could find - closest match to what is used in the LCD-2.

The stock tulle they have over the driver should be fine, but I damaged it while removing the felt.

If you are careful you can get away without damaging the mesh/tulle and keep the existing.

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my Sony SA5000 pads arrived this afternoon.  a big thanks to monsieur leeperry.  very comfy and better sonics than stock.  YMMV.  next up is to order some Paxmate.   


what i love about these is that they beg to be cranked up, effortless, sail through the most demanding material without a sweat, and zero upper mid-range/treble fatigue. 

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Total rookie to this thread. Don't want to read a novel, though. Can somebody give me the short version? T50RPs are getting the custom treatment?

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No short version blink.gif but there is a summary here

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Small mod to improve earpads adapted from guide at start of this thread:



Foam damping material is applied directly to the inside of earpad instead of to the baffle.

This removes problem of the two profiles aligning correctly and allows easier adjustment of earpads.

Simply use earpads as template.  The inner ring is necessary to remove gap at inner edge between damping material and baffle.

This mod has greatly improved soundstage, but has in turn focused attention back to some remaining resonance issues.

Needs some LCD-2 pads.


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Puppy question... is it worth going balanced with the Pawstex? Still reading on balanced setup like how to do it...

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I would guess yes, but I would give these a recable long before going balanced with them.


I've been thinking the same thing. These isolate left->-right well, so it is a possibility they could be awesome with them.


Btw, check back tomorrow morning / midday.. Evening latest. ;)

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^Exactly how many hours from now? My family will be going out of town tomorrow, gonna teach the kids some astronomy :)

Good read: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/balancedheadphones/one.html

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I was guessing what could be the nearest sound if I go from Micropore to Transpore and I guessed right on first install:








X=Masking Tape



dogears mode: mids became more shouty(?) or spiky(?), that piano(?) on Eagles' The Last Resort at 3:46 became a bit 'painful' to my ears. Overall, the sound is more cleaner (not really sure if I loss warmness here) and a bit brighter and (a bit) more focused (bass) and (a bit) more open (soundstage).

I think this is best A/B'd with another Fostex... can't wait for my Silver :D

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by the way has anyone got a link to those $75 t50's?  Might need a spare set in case I kill these while modding.

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You shouldn't kill them. They're hard to kill.


They're out of stock as far as (I think everyone) know until the end of the month


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How to kill an ortho?



edit: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROtq8qaOwR0pOlatWAXKdRQo8pbV5vaaC6pfBLgkuwifjMr9AD

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My O2 pads are in the spanish customs. I hope they will pass the pads without bleeding out my money...mad.gif and today will arrive the Paxmate and the Dremel, so this weekend I will work again in the orthos.

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