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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

well heck! I suppose I should dig a set out and give it a whirl. I also need to go in and reduce my mod by a single 7 mm strip of micropore, these pads might be the icing on the cake. Thanks for the encouragement.


will the mods ever end :ph34r:






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Originally Posted by cCasper TFG View Post

I decided to switch up the color of my slider and got the HM5 pads on without ripping them. I'm liking the new look a lot! The pads seal a little better than the Alcantaras do so there is a little better bass response. I like it! 




The old HM5 pads or the newer with memory foam?

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These are the original set. When I had the memory foam version they seemed to have a tighter lip (smaller diameter lip).

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Cup tuning lesson learned today: bass ports are important.

Also, don't be lazy and try to drill them into your wooden cups without taking them apart first. As soon as the drill bit broke into the inside, it grabbed the cotton I had in there and turned it into a tight little ball around the bit making it hopelessly stuck...LMAO.
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I just installed the memory foam type on my "storm troopers" and had a cursing time. I wished I had caught that tip about some oil/Vaseline on the edges, but I'd probably would still have have a hard time because it was hard to get a grip. The edges are now frayed, but at least they're on and not that noticeable.


I wasn't initially fond of the pads, but I found that it's much better with some tightly rolled up tissues behind the padding which vastly improved the sound. 


Does the original sound far off from the memory foam?

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On the subject of stretching, my mom runs a business that had highland dance shoes as a product. The shoes need to be tight and conform to the foot, so she has leather stretcher.

Its a liquid you rub on. Only works on real leather, works like magic. Used it on my climbing shoes.

Now in wondering if it would work on leather pads to fit on the T50rp
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Oil would help the leather stretch.


But I learned somewhere that not all oils (or liquids, waxes, etc) are good for leather as they may contain enzymes which break down the leather fibres.


I'm sure that conditioners for leather specialty shoes (which are expensive) would work well.

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Hey all! 


I have a damaged T50rp driver. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to sell me a driver (or set)? I'd also be willing to purchase the whole headphone as well. Thanks



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