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Thanks for the input, I am using a fiio E-7 and I am also modding an M-Audio mixer as well as a fiio E-3 with an on off switch and volume control.  The longer I use the 50's the happier I am.  They are burning in nicely, I will be ordering the Shure pads next week from Amazon.  I am contemplating turning a set of hardwood bowls for my Grado 125's, but that is another thread.  Thanks to everyone for the advice and welcome.

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I need a pair of those T50rp so badly. Was aiming for one but somebody else did take it. Already back to work though, next week I hope to be a proud owner!  

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I got them and mod them right away. I'm still tweeking few things before making a good judgment on these.


i only found cotton ball in shop. i took like 5 and try to put all them together in the cup

but i'm sure they aren't doing the job like they should. i've looked around for the fluffy cotton pads everywhere and couldn't find these. Same for the felt adesive i need to put over the driver.


any link to an ebay sale?

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unroll the cotton balls and fluff them up really fluffy.  I used cotton balls like that and can't tell the difference between mine and BMF's DBV#3's

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p.s. I'm not in the wrong thread

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oh no really  they are done that fast?


I'm going to just volunteer to link the build post up.



...was thinking, you know if you blacked out the "ONE" and "PRO" it would be barely noticeable and very suitable.

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Thanks for the transplant surgery guide! Very nice, as usual. How's it sound?

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p.s. I'm not in the wrong thread

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Excellent transplant Armaegis! I hope the damping process treats you well :)

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I recently added some blue cotton stuffing inside the cups.  I didn't really fluff it up much before putting it in the cups but tried to make sure it was a consistent density.  This did a good job reducing the midbass energy and evened out the sound more.  It's still not a perfect balance but its still really good sounding.  The body and presence on these headphones is fantastic and they pair very well with my SEX amp! 

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Thanks for the transplant surgery guide! Very nice, as usual. How's it sound?



The initial transplant with no damping was way too bright with a bunch of treble peaks too painful to even try quantifying.


my notes so far (Click to show)


needs that foam disk in front to prevent driver rattle


just bare transplant

- argh treble spikes


added acoustic foam and angel hair

- phew


double the angel hair

- treble down a bit more, but starting to feel a bit stuffy

- will have to come back to this, maybe do 3/4 the amount


drilled hole

- slightly more bass


put some velour into the hole

- oops treble spike came back up and lost a bit of sub-bass

- removed the velour


stock pads - smoothest response

J$ Beyers - better bass, slightly wobblier treble

$ Denons - even more bass, more mids, spike at 2.5k


felt in front of driver

- reduced the 2.5k spike


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Armaegis nice work would be nice to know how the compare to thunderpants.With all these mods and transplants , it would be really nice if you can build simple measurement rig like what BMF had & plot some measurements.

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The measurement rig is something that I've kinda deliberately stayed away from, for the same reason I haven't bought any of the equipment to start etching my own circuit boards, or power tools to cut/turn wood, etc... the phrase "this way lies madness" comes to mind. The scientist/engineer in me would wind up going all out and building as accurate a rig as possible and compiling tons of data for mods, which is something I neither have the time nor money to do at the moment. 

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I see you have nothing directly on the back of the driver . Maybe try some Arctic Bamboo to deal with the sound right away on the driver rear then anything floating around in the cups might not be as apparent if it reflects back?  Just a thought.  Maybe this will give some immediacy to the tuning , if that makes sense?  The Cotton version of that material diffuses the sound nicely but has a habit of bringing up some highs slightly, the bamboo version is a little more forgiving, just enough.


You do have a stock of that stuff don't you?  These seem fairly easy to break down to get into .  Sleep on it maybe a dream will bring the answer.


So many possibilites. I bet the way they are now is still rather impressive.

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I've had mixed results puting stuff behind the driver in the T50rp. While the DBV does produce a flatter response, something feels off to me. I generally like the sound of something in front of the driver, even if it isn't as even.


But yeah, I do have some of the stuff you sent me. I'll give it a try later.

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Got some T50RPs recently and I'm having trouble with the right channel cutting out. If I hold the cable in the right position, or if I plug it in upside down (so the cable points up in the lock position) it works no issues.


Any ideas?

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