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noob iTunes question

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I'm quite sure this had been covered before, but I couldn't find it. So I'm gonna ask.

First off all I'm new to this (again), because I sold/gave away all my stuff 5 years ago when I moved to the usa from germany and so finally decided to get back into the game.

For this I acquired so far

Shure SRH840
Denon AH-D5000 (spontaneous buy because the price was good)

Little Dot 1+ (for shures/grados)

and use as Source my Macbook Pro/IPod Touch 1G, till I can afford the transport and dac from little dot. (1-2 Month, not sure if I stay with these still need more research) And will at this point add a second amp to a MKIII or MKVII (I want to go eventually balanced with the AH-d5k).

ok back to the question, so I have quite a library with a couple of thousand songs, which I bought over the years from apple and sadly they are all 128kbps - 256kbps.

So is there a way to specify in the iTunes store, only show albums with >=256kps?

I really like the convenience of click and music is there, supports my spontaneous buys while sitting in a concert and just buying the cd I'm just hearing.
And at the current point in time I frankly lack the equipment to hear the difference.
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The only way to do it would be to make a custom library in iTunes. It means individually selecting each song and checking the bitrate.
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Sure, using Smart Playlist -> "Bit Rate - is - 256kbps"
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Also, if you have some stuff that is over 256 kbps, you could add the column "Bit Rate" to your iTunes library and sort by that. Scroll down till you first see 256kbps, select all the preceding tracks and put it into a playlist. Voila.
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ok you miss understood me,

I know how to filter the stuff, but my question is more how can I buy from the iTunes store and only see music over/equal 256kps

but thanks so far
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Not sure on that one, but why not buy CDs? You can get used from amazon marketplace for cheaper, better sound, and if your hard drive fails, the CD will always be there as a backup.
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you gonna laugh about this, but I physically don't own a cdrom to rip cd's anymore

But yes I just ordered some CD's and SACD's for the stationary player (once it arrives) I just really like the confidience of iTunes and just pressing a button and have the music here.
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file>new smart playlist>bitrate>"is greater than">*enter desired lowest bitrate here*

this is a better way that only choosing 256k, since you probably want the good stuff too...
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With the pre iTunes 9 store, you could add columns to the display. It wasn't the full set of columns that you could add to your libraries display, so I don't know if bit rate is there. If you haven't upgraded to iTunes 9 yet, you may be able to check there. Otherwise, I'm not sure how you would even know until you buy it.

You might get an answer posting on Apple's forums.
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u dont have a cd drive in your macbook?

just buy itunes plus music, its the best music ever...

na for real i think all itunes plus music is 256
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^Yea I think most of it is 256kbs. But IMO you should just order cds off of Amazon or something, buy a cheap usb cd drive and hook the stuff up.
Rip stuff and add it into iTunes.
Cheaper and it will give you better quality in the long run.
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought 256k was now the new standard in iTunes. Even the free single of the week is in 256k. Once it's in your library, you can filter by bitrate. Just go into the View Options settings in View.
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