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Sophia Princess + Grado = ?

Originally Posted by DarKu View Post
WA6 is very fine amplifier, just don't forget if you order one, to get the PDPS mod too (very important upgrade) and maybe the Sophia Princess for a more lush, tubey sound
Just curious myself about tubes on WA6 and Grado.

Sophia Princess has a enlarging effect on soundstage, but how does this "benefit" translate when using a Grado RS1/SR 225, whose soundstage has a pretty low cap?
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Originally Posted by BMBROWN911 View Post
I never heard the older Solos. My first was the SRG. I've read on here in numerous threads that the older Solos didn't do so well with lower impedence headphones but I cannot attest to that from my own ears. I know that the SRG I have sounds great with all headphones I've heard including the HD600s but yea I would love to hear the tube sound and look forward to what you think of the Woo6 since you've already heard what I have from the Solo! Cheers!
Well my W6SE has been dispached. Should hopefully receive it by the end of next week.
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Interested in your impressions of it when you recieve it. Unfortunetally for me my financial situation has changed drastically and I will not be spending any money that isn't absolutely necessary... lost my job recently so just trying to get by for the time being. Luckily I still have plenty of good equipment to keep me satisfied until I can finally purchase the Woo 6.
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Well my W6se finally arrived thanks to taking 15 days to cross the Atlantic and then Parcelfarce saying they attempted to deliver when they hadn't! (a complaint has been made).
Much bigger than I thought it would be literally dwarfs the Solo. Very well made and alot heavier than expected. Noticed a loose washer in the box and then noticed something rattling in the power supply! only for it, another washer!!, to work its way free
Everthing powered up fine and I am currently burning in. All I will say as regards SQ is the sound seems bigger and fuller than the Solo and instruments seem more distinct. I will let you know how it developes but so far so good
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@ nigeljames,

can you tell me how much the import tax was?

My WA6 is being built at the moment and am expecting to take delivery in the new year
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What it should of cost and what I was actually charged were not the same!
It should of been 12% (custom charge) of the cost of the amp + shipping then 15% vat on top which I worked out at approximately £200 depending on what the $/£ value was at the time. I actually paid £43! + £8 pacelfarce fee.
So I was very pleased with that.
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