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FS: Sony surround sound system

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Sony DAV-FX10

The Sony DAV-FX10 is an integrated system that includes a slot-loaded, 5-disc DVD/SACD/Video CD/Audio CD changer/receiver, front and surround satellite speakers, a matching center channel, and a passive subwoofer. The supplied remote controls the system, plus multiple brands of televisions and cable boxes.

1 x 5 disc DVD/CD player, FM/AM Radio, Receiver
1 x Subwoofer
4 x Satelitte speakers
1 x Universal Remote

This system is in great shape, well taken care of, has all parts except manual (can download online). Just hook up to your TV and/or Cable Box and listen to your movies and TV shows come alive. Has Great SQ. Perfect addition for your Home Theater.

Need the money for a new portable rig, I'm in high school so i really don't have any other income.

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It would help you to list a price. Just a word of advice.
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