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Earphone Solutions First VIDEO is up!

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Our first VIDEO is up!

Expect many more on the way.

We would love to hear your feedback and also which other products, comparisons, reviews, how-to's and educational VIDEOS you would like us to make next

Thanks again for your support!

If you are a very good writer and would like to review some of the best headphones for us to be inserted on our next VIDEO, we might even fly you over to Orlando for a couple of days. You need to have experience in writing and preferably have owned at least some of the models in the comparison.

Thank you!
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What would you like to see reviewed or compared next?

You see room for improvement? I am sure there is!

Would you like to help us by submitting your feedback or perhaps even contributing with the next presentation?

We are all ears!

Thank you all again!
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We are sold out on most of the items and what's left won't last until mid November...

For your chance to win a Sennheiser IE8:

For your chance to win an $875 Emmeline HR2 Headphone Amp by Ray Samuels:
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Thanks so much for the feedback!!

We are working on the next one!

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lol, your welcome
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New video showing how Balanced Armature Drivers Work. Presentation by Karl Cartwright with Westone Laboratories for Earphone Solutions.

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How a 3-Way Crossover Triple Driver works on a Westone 3 Earphones:

Earphone Solutions in this video, has Karl Cartwright explain how a True 3-Way crossover works on the Westone 3 which has 3 distinct drivers. A built-in passive 3 way crossover manages the frequency range in 3 parts sending highs to the "tweeter" driver, the mids to the mid-range driver and the lows to the "woofer". These are no ordinary earbuds. The sound separation on the Westone 3 is unbeatable due to this unique design. Other triple driver earphones in the market work with a 2 way crossover and 2 identical drivers plus 1 "tweeter". These in-ear headphones offer extreme comfort and sound experience that surpasses everything in the market so far. At Earphone Solutions we love the product because it's the only earphones with a 3-way crossover with universal fit design and they only cost $399. Anything else will cost more and will require a visit to an audiologist for a custom built earphones.
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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Next weekend (Thanksgiving) will be a great and UNIQUE opportunity to buy your Xmas gifts or one for yourself.

We will take a loss and CASH OUT on many items!

Once they are gone we will not have them anymore.
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