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What's the chance Sony can fix my D-E554?

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Right now it skips rather easily with or without antiskip--although it can still play without skipping if not moved around... and its line out had never worked right--it would skip all by itself whenever I plug anything into the line out. I should have went and fixed this when the unit was still in the warranty period, but back then (and even now, until I get my Porta Corda + HD580) I had no real use for line out and didn't know about the problem until somebody tried to use the line out to connect with a stereo--I just thought we didn't know how to use the line out...

I'm thinking of sending this in, but I don't want to get charged $70 without being told (they'd only ask me whether I want to pay to fix it if the bill would be over $70) and come back with a unit that still only half works... Should I just get a new player?
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Oh, and yeah, it's been dropped on the floor twice (wood, not concrete, for what's it's worth)
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Do you know when this model was made?

The Japanese government basically says that walkman parts should countinue to be available for a minimum of 6 years after production has ceased. In some cases this may have been 8 years, but 6 is a safe bet. The kind of parts are defined as the minimum required to maintain the functionality of the equipment.

Good luck!
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Oh, it's recent enough, I'm sure they have enough parts to put a whole new D-E554 together

But the question is, will this be pretty much what they need to do to 'fix' my discman--replace all the shaken-up parts? Or is it going to need just a 'lube and dusting'

If the former, I'm afraid they're going to half-repair it and charge me $70 and I still end up with a player that's not as good as what I can get for $70 new

Although people have said great things about the D-E554 It's got a 15mw amp (to what impedance, god knows ) and optical line out. But's it's got a pot in the player (which is okay) and a pot in the remote (which I had already replaced once and might need to replace again. L/R imbalance and it's what, 2 months old? )
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