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Ya, I also kinda wondering at the markdown, though it may because they want their new product to a decent amount of circulation first and then bring it up to the list price, or closer to the list price.

I'm also the lucky #10 for their head-fi promotional offer I'm looking forward to giving them a listen, and writing a review(should be a interesting task for me), I'll get a excuse to pull out my digital camera and work on my photography. I just have 3 other papers, one a term paper, a hour long quiz, and a debate to write/work/study on -_- Oh the joy of being a college student...
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Well, that web page seems really impressive for me as I had always thought of JLab as a low-fi earbuds producer. Not anymore: really good content. I can not speak for the products as I haven´t heard any, but they seem to progress with every release.
...This may be the beggining of something great.
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i have the J3 buds from JLab and i couldnt be happier with them, exactly what i was looking for. the sound us awesome and i love the way they look, i recommend them JLab Audio: Electronics
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I too received a free pair of J3's and I am pleasantly surprised. I own Se210, bose in-ear, various Koss KSC models, UE metro-fi 200, Monster Turbines, PK3's and Grado Sr80's. The mt's (when isolation is needed) and the pk3's (great for night listening) were my go-to cans, but the mt's always seemed to be lacking something. Well the J3's seeemed to take care of that. I was going to go to Ultimate Electronics and try to score some Klipsch's at their great prices, but my appetite has been curbed. Some have complained that the treble is too strong, but after some burn-in they are just right to my ears. Mind you my upper frequency hearing sensitivity is severely attenuated. Bass is excellent too, not bleeding into the mids like the mt's. Even had some serious eargasms listening to the latest porcupine tree with them. Great detail at low listening levels as well. Build quality appears excellent and they are very comfortable and easy to get a good seal. Can be worn straight down or around ear. Love the cord, very tangle resistant, seems to be teflon coated. Highly Recommended!
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the reason i joined this forum is because i wanted to read some reviews with regards to the j3 jbuds.

oh well i hope i won't be too disappointed.

i love my shure sl2's

pity they broke, got the j3 jbuds from amazon anyways.
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There are several review/impression threads up for the J3. Just search the forum.
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