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Hi all,

I realise that many people have trouble getting MAD to work at 24bit under windows 2000 or XP with the WDM drivers. This is a short set of instructions to getting it to work. I've a MAudio Delta Dio 2496 but it should work with all 24bit soundcard.

1) Download this file
Install as per instructions in it.

2) Enable your soundcard in the OUTPUT config box, ie for me it's the Delta Dio Multiclient

*Reboot if needed

3) Go to winamp, input, change MAD to 24bit, go to output, waveout, then change output device to your soundcard but (wwwarped).
eg for me I choosed M Audio Delta Dio M (WWWarped)

4) Play!

Under waveout, under advanced settings, change Maximum blocks to 32, Max blocksize to 16kb & Min blocksize to 4kb. I found that if I dun use these settings, I get the electronic noise.

Many thanks to the author of wwwarped!