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Thanks again. Will contact them for the shipping price.
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x2 on the Boa+

I got mine a couple weeks ago to help my iPhone power my pro900s, and it does a pretty decent job. And the recharge feature has been a huge bonus! It arrived only 4 days after it shipped.
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I think it was $22 to ship my D4 to the east coast, so I'd expect the same for houston.
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Yep get the D2+ Boa if you can extend your budget....

btw kind of music and how...do you like?
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Originally Posted by jjsoviet View Post
I can stretch the budget, at the cost of lowering the specs of my upcoming PC build.
Lower the specs a bit and get some good sound gear. The computer parts you're eyeing now will probably be outdated and cheaper come Christmas time anyways
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I don't wanna hijack the thread but can portable dac/amp liek the d2 be compared to computer soundcard like x-fi or xonar? if so, is it better?
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Not the amp itself but the SQ output....

Like since i have a Xonar D2X in my PC ...i can do away with a sub 150-200$ DAC ....
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sorry for the noob question but what is a DAC and why would I need one in a headphone amp?
Is it supposed to improve the sound quality from a portable player or does it just let ur portable amp become an external sound card?
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DAC = digital to analog converter

An amp with a DAC lets it act as an external sound card (typically usb), which will in most cases sound better than your computer's onboard sound. The DAC portion of the amp isn't used when you just plug in a portable player.
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Definitely hyped for a D2. How does it sound by the way? I'm into oldies, jazz and some old-school rock. Thanks again.

Also, someone is offering me a D3 Python for $200 including shipping. What are its advantages over the D2?
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I have 42 Ohms headphones and I need something to boost their performance. I am listening to music on my computer, so USB is the only way to go.

I don't know what to choose:
-iBasso D2+ Boa
-Zero DAC AMP 09 model
-HeadRoom Total BitHead

They are all getting great reviews, but given my preferences which would be a better choice?

Thank you.
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All three are great. But since you need a DAC, I think the iBasso D2+Boa is better.
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Took another look around and listed my suitable candidates:

- Nuforce Icon Mobile
- Meier Audio Corda 3Move
- iBasso D2+Boa
- Graham Slee Voyager
- Pico Portable Amp+DAC
- Headroom Total Bithead Amp+DAC

Most are now beyond my budget, but I think I can lay off my PC rig for now. My laptop can still run Crysis in high settings :P
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You're looking at the Pico now?

Well anyways, the D2+ sounds good, great, or else it wouldn't be reccommended. Theres loads of reviews on the D2, almost the same - the LO function. No offense, but i don't think your headphones deserve a Pico, at that price.

D3 python at 200 bucks isnt really good, the D4 sells at 219, with dual dacs, the D3 doesn't have that nor is it rollable. If you're looking to get serious into dac/amps, id really check out the D4. It can run both 9V, 5V, opamp and buffer rollable, dual dac chips, and an amp section compared to the P3+. It's a real stepup from the D2, and you shouldn't be afraid not to notice a difference. Nevertheless, the D2+ is a great choice.

And instead of looking at super expensive portables, i'd get a 150-200 one, and rather upgrade some home components. Even better is to buy some new music. That will probably enhance your listening experiences more than spending 200 bucks extra on a DAC/amp
The D4 is powered at 5V through USB and need batteries included to get the amp section to be driven at 9V. But the amp section will still work via USB only. The D4 does not charge via USB, and must be charged via rechargeable batteries in a AAA charger.

That may sound tough to handle, but dont forget you can rechardge the batteries, while listening to the D4 through USB.
Good Luck
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Wow, the D4 might be too much a responsibility for me lol, but I'll look into it. If I can't purchase it due to money woes, I'll go for the D2.
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