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Windows 7. Anyone upgrade from XP Pro?

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I was under the impression that data has to be reinstalled if going from XP to Win 7 but not vista to Win 7. Office depot guy just tried to tell me data doesn't need to be reinstalled even if XP is upgraded to Win 7. Anyone know for sure?
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i also heard what you said, although I wonder what the chances are of upgrading from XP, that said W7 is basically Vista, so not much to "upgrade".
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Hmm. I'll have to ask my techie friends and find out for you. My guess would be no you don't have to reinstall the data. However, even a complete reinstall of Win7 only takes 10-15 minutes.
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when I recently installed windows 7 on my desktop, during the installation windows 7 asked me if i would like to completely format my hard drive or if i would like to create a backup of my old windows files(windows vista) and put them in a separate folder called windows_old when windows 7 is installed.

I simply formatted my whole hard drive because i had everything taken off of it that i already needed.

Im assuming it will ask you that same question when istalling with windows xp if you want to save your data or not.

I know this didnt completely answer your question but i think this information is something you should know upon installig windows seven.
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The Office Depot employee is wrong.
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Upgrading from XP to 7, you need to perform a full clean install.

Upgrading from Vista to 7, no full install needed.

I have been using Win7 RTM for a month now. I got to say it's miles ahead of Vista, definitely one of the most worthwhile upgrade for a long time.
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Yes Win7 is pretty slick...
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As mentioned going from XP to Win 7 requires a clean install. There is some kind of migration tool available from MS to help transfer various settings and data from the old to new, can't remember what it's called right now, but shouldn't take much Googling to find out...
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I have the Win7 Ultimate cracked version.
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I've just moved from XP x64 to Win7 and it pisses all over Vista. For a start, it works. I had Vista off my drive and XP 32bit back on within 2 hours of vista first starting and i never touched it again.

I just wish that there was an option to run the Luna theme in Win7.

And I hate the tiny box scrolling start menu.
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Strange...I heard that from XP, clean install was the only choice..(I just clean-installed everything, since mines were all new comps)
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Using Windows Easy Transfer and a separate hard drive, you can transfer your files and settings from programs like Firefox from XP to Win7, but the programs will need to be reinstalled
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is it easy to do a clean install of windows 7 if you are previously going from an xp pro?
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Very easy. Installation literally only takes 15 minutes. Drivers are mostly taken care by default already as well.
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No matter what, if you dislike Vista as much as I do, and have been stuck with XP, Windows 7 will be a worthwhile upgrade.
XP, just can't keep up with 7 at all, even highly tweaked XP installations can't beat a default 7 installation.
If only it was as fast as Ubuntu 9.04 or Linux Mint 7, but what it looses in day to day performance it gains in power savings, 10 watts on battery for 7 vs. 15 watts on Linux Mint.
But what I really dislike about Windows 7 is the completely crazy menus, you can look though the control panel for quite a while before finding what you are looking for, good thing there are ways around this though.
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