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NuForce Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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The NuForce BT Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a new product that we would like to introduce very soon. We have a small set of brand new samples from a pilot production available at 50% discount. *By purchasing this product at deep discount, you have agreed to allow us to solicit your feedback.

Check it out at Nuforce.com | BT Sports

Most competing products cost anywhere from $99 to $129. NuForce BT Sports is very ergonomic and great for people who want a good sounding wireless stereo headphones.

Please post your feedback here. Thanks.

Note: This headset is designed to wrap around the back of the neck and loop around the ear for a comfortable and secure fit to allow maximum freedom of movement.
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Since many people, myself included, exercise outdoors and wear sunglasses...how do these fit with glasses?
BTW, I ordered a set to try.
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I'm going out on a limb and purchasing these as i want a wireless headset.  I own the ne7m wired headset and if the BT Sport is half as good I will be extremely happy.  Would like to hear more feedback from whoever bought these.  I understand BT audio will not be as great as wired but it's a chance I'm willing to take. 


Update:  They aren't that great unless you have a tiny head.  I may give them to my wife.  They don''t sound bad for wireless headphones, I can't get a proper seal as they don't fit my head.  They could be about 1/4" longer and it might work.  I've used them at my desk without any problems.  Used them at the dog park last night and the music kept dropping out.  Had my HTC incredible in my pocket so distance shouldn't have been an issue.  I'm going to test them on a bike ride tomorrow morning to see how it works with my HTC in my bag which is a little bit further than my pocket.  I think NuForce should make a small/med/large version and it might be a good solution for going wireless.  

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