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Just got a iPod Touch 3G 32GB (sweeet)

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I finally got rid of my classic 80GB and I got a 32GB ipod touch. I've been playing with it all night. it's amazing.

I got the latest 3rd Generation, it has built in bluetooth and I can stream music in my truck completely wirelessly. I was pretty exited about that. and the good thing. It's better quality than using a FM transmitter, as that sounds pretty crappy sometimes. So, how does the newest ipod touch models compare to the classic 6gen 2007 model I had in terms of SQ? I know many of you have one. I thought I read somewhere this latest one is supposed to sound a little better since apple's been bashed on SQ in the past. (all my files are 320 or ALAC, and FLAC on PC)

I also have a nice LOD on the way, as well as my PA2v2 amp that will be here by friday. I'm pretty exited to have myself some fun with this new toy.

Any good apps I should get?
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Got a 32Gb iPhone yesterday as well. It's cool and it sounds very good. I still keep my brand new iPod Classic 160 which will act for the years to come as a mobile music server since it can hold all my discography.

I was curious about the sound comparison between the 160 and the 3 GS. I'd say the sound signtature is the same. May be the 3 GS is a tad better.
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ya I wasn't sure what I wanted to keep, but in the end I sold the 80GB and got the 32GB touch. I was only using about 22GB of the classic anyways, not to mention plenty of it was video. but with the touch, and air video. I can just watch all my video's from my ipod touch over wifi and my PC. I'm watching last weeks episode of Californication that is on my PC with the software. watching on my touch and I'm about to crash for the night. pretty cool.

I must say, i have the T-mobile G1. but now that I have the ipod touch I might wanna sell em both n get the 3G S. haha we'll see
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How is the SQ of the new Touch?
Can you give a review of it?
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I picked up. Touch yesterday (what I'm typing on now) and the sq is pretty good. Sounds better than the sansa fuze to me but I'm not sure if there's some sneaky eq going on inside. I checked and it's turned off but I have my suspicions

but yes, it does sound very clear in the upper registers but slightly thin and whispy.
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Just wondering if any of you can update us all on what you think about the SQ now that you've had a little more time with your new toys. I am very interested in redeeming my airmiles to get one, but the only outstanding concern I have is the SQ issues of the past.

The voice activation feature sounds quite promising too. Have you guys had the opportunity to test/try that feature out yet?

And a final question, would I be able to share the music that I have with my iPod nano that is currently stored on my desktop? I'm not much of a techie when it comes to this stuff.

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I felt that the iPod Touch was always a bit bass-shy. I have the 1G. What do you think about the 3G?

I'm curious to know about SQ with the newest, with a LOD relative to the S9. A lot of people say that the iPhone 3GS w/LOD > S9, wondering if that holds up with this iPod. I'm thinking of getting the S9 for sexy screen/codec support, but I'm curious nonetheless.
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