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Some HELP and questions about portable gear

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I have some questions about portable gear and things I don't understand or know.

I know about headphones, so it is more about the source.

1) What is the BEST portable source (Ipod or whatever) when it come to sound quality? and I better have something new (like the new ipod, don't tell me to get the 4th gen or something like that)

2)Can I fully play lossless on it? like FLAC files? or do I need to convert it? and can I play things like 24/96 ? I have many files like that

3)What is LOD and how do I use it? also, what is the best source if I have an portable amp like the PICO? and what is the best way to connect it? I have seen this thing
ALO Audio
What does it do and do I need it? and if we are here, what is the best or other types of that cable?

In the end, I want to have a very very good portable source so I can plug in my headphones and know I can get the BEST SQ and have like at least 32GB of size

Hope you guys can help me.

Thank you !!!
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I'll let the other forumites throw out what they think is "best". I'll just give my two cents.

3) LOD = line out device
Line out means it bypasses the device's amplifier. You use this typically when feeding into a separate amp and/or speaker system. Some devices will have a line out built in, others will require an attachment. In most cases, it's ok to feed a headphone out into an amp
3b) ipods are popular for their lineout attachment

1) I think the Sansa players are most highly regarded for sound quality. Cowon is up there too. I've seen threads around here about the Amp3 as well.

2) Different players can support different files. Once again, Sansa is well known for supporting most file types. A lot of other players can also have their firmware hacked (rockbox) to support more file types and improve SQ. I can't help you about 24/96.
2b) but honestly, I don't think flac is all that noticeable of an improvement over mp3 coming off portable players; it would only be significantly noticeable if the player had a digital out which you could feed into an amp/dac.
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I have good headphones, I just want to be sure to get the right player with the very best SQ
What portable player will you recommend me please ??
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SONY... S, A, X... for 32GB wait for the new ones coming soon... they don't play flac though, but wav. Lossy is the best on 'em I have heard. Forget Sansa (yeah, flame me, I don't care, it sucks). The Touch has 85 000 different applications... too bad a good music player or EQ isn't one of them.
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How is the new iPod? the one with 160GB ?

Also, what is the thing I have shown in my link? and do I need it?
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Originally Posted by HeadLover View Post
I have good headphones, I just want to be sure to get the right player with the very best SQ
What portable player will you recommend me please ??
You don't mention your budget, you mention that you have good headphones but don't say what they are, can you expand on this?

If money is no option then can I make a few suggestions, either a Sony X Series or a Cowon S9.

The Sony has iPod beating audio but can't play FLAC, it's got a lovely crisp OLED screen, Bluetooth & WiFi.

The Cowon probably has the better sound quality & plays FLAC. It has a lovely screen, Bluetooth, but lacks WiFi.

If your budget is a little more limited then the choice is simple, a Sansa Clip+ - It's cheap as chips, but sound bloody wonderful for such a small amount of money - But it's basic & certain lacking on features compared to the other two


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I have no budget problems.

I want the best player when it come to SQ, and prefer one with a lot of space for my music
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Nothing wrong with the new iPod 160gb classic if you want my opinion - Bags of space but its still using a hard drive, rather the flash memory. The hard drive is certainly not going to be as durable as a flash player, should you drop it.

The thing you mention in your original link is a vastly overpriced iPod line out dock, basically it's a cable that bypasses the iPod's headphone jack and takes the audio signal straight out of the iPod's dock at the bottom (better SQ from the dock as it bypasses the headphone amp which some feel isn't as good as it could be, see Products > iMod - Red Wine Audio).

The LOD is then connected to an AMP via the 3.5mm jack, you'll need a LOD if you choose to use an iPod (with amp) only.
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OK, so other than Ipod, what are the better players? with flash drive and a VERY good SQ ??
And that I can use with LOD and a portable amp like a PICO (and sometimes when I want to be more portable, with out), and that will have strong and good amp and a lot of POWER and GREAT SQ ???

money doesn't matter here !
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To be honest you could probably get away without either an amp or LOD with either Sony X series or Cowon S9, provided you have them matched to the right headphones.

It really boils down to the headphone / IEM's you plan to use - Some headphones / IEM's benefit from being amped, some don't.

Don't automatically assume an amp is going to give you better SQ - What headphone do you currently own and plan to use?
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amm right now I have a not protable ones, like the HD595, but I plan on getting a protable ones,
and isn't it better using an amp?
Also, Is the S9 is the best from Crown? and how is the Sony ?
And what more can you tell me about the S9? can I use it with out any EQ and it will still sound good? and how does it compare with the D2+ from Crown?
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Apologize for riding on your post HeadLover...

What are the options I have for playing mwa loseless? I only see zune, and when I play on Sansa it doesn't seem to support it.
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How is the new Ipod touch 3rd gen ???
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