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Headphone Wallpapers

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Having completed almost all the models in my set of Grado wallpapers on another thread, I was thinking it would be cool/fun to do a series of walls for the top 5 or so preferred phones on HF.

Would you guys be interested? Which phones should be included?

*Beyerdynamic 880 05
*Senn HD800
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Beyerdynamic 880 2005 edition. My favorite headphone.
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Wouldn't mind a HD800 wallpaper
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ATH-W2002, Stax O2, and Sony Qualia

I think just about anything from the pics on this FS thread
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Oh and regarding the other thread, 1440x900
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I would like some pics of the Nuforce 7M, may be interesting.
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HD 280s! the size you used for the grados worked fine.
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Originally Posted by sampson_smith View Post
LOL That´s a tall order. Making a "pretty" wallpaper for those...

BTW, it helps if it´s not too hard to find decent resolution images of the headphones.
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Yeah... but think about it: You'd be the first to attempt to convey those in a positive light (visually speaking, of course). Man. That would stay on my desktop for, like, a decade at least. Or until the Float goes out of fashion. Whichever occurs first.

DO IT! *Fingers crossed*

Maybe to warm-up for this major undertaking, you can do a K1000 first! Hmmmmm...???
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Originally Posted by Ilovebeef View Post
Oh and regarding the other thread, 1440x900
1440x900 is the same aspect ratio as 1920x1200. Just use it and it will look fine.

If not you can always resize it with a simple photo editing tool.

Keep up the high resolution wallpapers.
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True, but I still find they look awkward and squashed.
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No requests, just props for the beautiful wallpapers.

Ilovebeef: How is that possible? Just edit the photos yourself if it's somehow getting screwed up when you set it as the wallpaper.
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once you re size it your self you're fine.
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I would love an Audio-Technica ESW10jpn wallpaper.
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