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The e5 helped my headphones come to life more so than without, but if u have the money it's worth it for a better one.
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Have u purchased/ listened to a better amp? How do you know its worth it? This is absurd.
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No but my friends call me goog.
plenty of others reccomended it thats why I got it.
heaven forbid u might not of heard of something lol
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Originally Posted by justanotheraudiophile View Post
I spend atleast 10 hours a day listening to music. Quality is everything. I'm an EQ/balance junky. I know an audiophile is significantly more than just addicted to music. I can't stand listening to music when it's being played any other way but optimally.

I think I will just save up and get the d2 because then when I upgrade headphones again I'll probably be set with the same amp still, right?

Could someone address the issue about my headphones cutting out and not coming back for a minute or two sometimes? I'm thinking it's a loose wire or something because I patted on my headphones and it flickered back on (once), could just be a coincidence though. The other times I have to just wait it out.

Can this fiio e5 put too much power to my cans and hurt them? I kinda get scared keeping the "volume" up so high on the fiio, but that's the best way to make my headphones come to life.
EQ Junkie =/= audiophile.
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Who cares what an Audiophile is called, the point is this thread is pretty unproductive. I can't believe anyone would recommend the FiiO E5 over a few trips to a fast food joint.
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the d2 is 140, I spend no more than 10 bucks or so at a fast food restraunt, so 14 trips is alot! LOL thats every day for 2 weeks.
(more or less like)
people on head-fi.org =/= lame

im an athlete because I play sports, are you going to say because I am not 100% the dictionary definition of it I can't be one? Jeez.
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And yet you spent the money on those Sennheisers without anticipating this? Sennheisers need some serious amping to sound their best.
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Well that all depends on the specifications of the sennheisers. Some don't depend nearly on an AMP as much as others. Also that would just be a matter of opinion to some people and depending on the type of music that they listen to.
Thank you revolink24.

But I sincerely thank Gbjerke, RASeymour, and Armaegis.
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Sure, if you're getting PX100s :P

Seriously, my only point is that if you want to get the best out of something, you sometimes have to go the extra mile. If you're one of the many content with mid-fi, you could get that D2 or Nuforce and be happy for eternity. If you stick with the FiiO, you'll live without any optimal setup whatsoever. Perhaps if you had Grados at that price, the FiiO would be just fine. With full-size Senns though, you need to portion some more cash towards an amp.
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Thanks for that. I want to utilize as much of my hd 555's as I can for as little as I can, understand? LOL Don't you think the d2 would be the best bet for that? or do you recommend some other usb dac? I'm listening through my lappy the majority of the time.
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USB DACs are definitely the way to go - integrated audio is by far not the greatest way to listen to music. The D2 is certainly a good option. If you don't care quite as much about portability though, a larger option might be appropriate. Is being mobile with this DAC important to you? If so, you can't beat the D2 or the total bithead, with the bithead actually being my favorite of the two. If you want a wall-wart powered desktop unit, the E-MU 0202 USB is pretty nice.
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Honestly i just want the best bang for the buck. I don't need it to be small, cool looking, plenty of features/options, portable, rechargeable, full of leds, etc.
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Then I would say the E-MU 0202 would certainly be good bang for the buck - It's a damn good DAC and an okay headphone amp, which I believe is what you need in this case.
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I just read the description and there is nothing that mentions "dac".

How does everyone tell them apart? What "specification" am I looking for that the nuforce doesn't offer on ebay for 100 bucks? You could just link me to a few key threads if you want. :/

EDIT: Okay so I realized that's better because I can bypass my onboard sound card so the line noise won't be there when I amplify it alot?

My soundcard on my computer offers "24-bit/192kHz" mode, is that not "true 24bit/192?"?
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I would love to hear someone tell me why I shouldn't buy the "E-MU 0202" on newegg for $99(free shipping) for my laptop and hd 555's

Is there anything else out there that would give me the performance for less?

(thanks revo)
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