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I need a new waterproof jacket for this season.
I was looking at backcountry.com, and some of the arc'teryx and norrona stuff looked interesting, but expensive (400,500+). I found an arc'teryx beta sl which looked good, but it's gore-tex paclite, so maybe a bit too thin, im not sure.

I'm looking for something:

not too heavy/insulated ( just a techincal shell)
waterproof guaranteed (gore-tex or similar like schoeller fabric)
priced between 150-350
with pockets
and a hood

any ideas? what do you all have?
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Here are a few good sites that you can usually find killer deals on nice gear at.

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I'll tell you now with solemn honesty: the best deal you can do for yourself is to go onto German ebay and look for jackets and coats that are 'echter loden': new loden coats cost $350-$500 here, but they are still to be had for veritable songs in Deutchland.
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Try REI: Deals on Outdoor Gear, Equipment and Clothing for Camping, Cycling, Fitness, Hiking, Kayaking and More. They have a number of models that will fit your needs and the in-house brand is superb.

I can't remember the model name, but I bought a new one last year that lets you zip in a fleece jacket as a liner. It's wonderful.

I spent about eight years living in the great Pacific Northwest. A REI rainjacket was always at hand and I wore them constantly. The only reason I got rid of the old one was because I shrank about 100 lbs. over the past 18 months (deliberately) and the old one was tent like. It's been passed on to a relative and is still in service, though.
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Not waterproof, but its my favorite jacket.




When I really want to be warm though, I grab my heavy wool overcoat.

John C.
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I bought a Spyder jacket recently, and it has most of the stuff you mentioned. It's very warm, waterproof, and nice. Can't wait to wear it at the Poconos.
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Arc Teryx is good stuff if you can get it on sale. I think some of their pieces are made in China instead of Canada. Does not mean it is **** but it should not command a premium.

I swear and live by Mountain Hardwear stuff. I own 8 pieces right now and have an original Exposure parka from 1995 or something like that. They are great with their lifetime warranty. Their Tech Jacket is probably the best jacket I have owned.

Try Welcome to Hilton's Tent City for bargains. I got my MH Sub Zero SL parka for $225 from them a few years ago. Great stuff.

For gloves I stick with Marmot. If anyone wants to know.
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Make sure to check steepandcheap.com (and it's sister sites). it's the clearing house for backcountry and you can get some crazy deals. You just have to check it a lot.
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I've spent 20 of 24 years up in Alaska and in the last 8, I've never gone wrong with Columbia. In the price range OP is looking for, you can get a good winter parka with removable inner soft shell and all your left with is an external rain-proof shell with hood.
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I highly recommend a Haglöfs jacket. I am into my forth season with mine, and found it to be excellent.
Wind resistant, rain proof, light weight, hood, plenty of pockets, ...

My model seems to be out-of-production, but it is very similar to this one:
HAGLÖFS | Language Products Clothing man

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Victronix (swiss army)
Though the jackets with avalanche detections are higher than your budget. These are the most inovative jackets I've come across.


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Originally Posted by appophylite View Post
I've spent 20 of 24 years up in Alaska and in the last 8, I've never gone wrong with Columbia. In the price range OP is looking for, you can get a good winter parka with removable inner soft shell and all your left with is an external rain-proof shell with hood.

For the money, they are hard to beat. Everyone in Oregon seems to wear North Face but you pay a lot of money for the name. I priced a few out but in the end found a nice Columbia jacket with a zip off interior (Liner/Jacket?) for half off at $99. I like Mountain Hardwear and Arc'teryx for backpacking gear but can't stomach paying $300-400 for rain wear.
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One jacket does everything.. I wrote the particularly long annnnoying... detailed review...lol..



gloves... Marmot ultimate ski glove... though the hide quality is getting shabby.... put a sopping wet ice water dunked hand inside in 0 degree weather and it is warm and dry in under 2 minutes.


other than that Black diamond makes a good one as does the new arcteryx $350 glove.


Pants Arcteryx.


underlayer.. Arcteryx RHO pant.


wind layer  marmot driclime windshirt and pant.


Socks.. smartwool.. hikers ..or ski socks fo skiing.


goggles... pm me... I am a Zeal Rep.


Snowboards.. I rep the best lines made....not commercially available...except in Europe or to Olympic athletes.

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