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Good Evening Sin City Head-Fi Members,

Thought this thread was dead. Still willing to help with the meet. CES 2011 may be prime time, but hotel rooms go way up in price during the exhibit. Summer 2010 may have the best room rates. Should be a bit of work, but a good time. Hope somebody brings Woo Audio gear.
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I would be thrilled to attend a meet here! What could I do to help?
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I would like to do one sooner than CES 2011, even if its not a big meet. How about a mini meet maybe sometime late April or May?
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Name the time and place, and I will do everything I can to be there. May would probably work better for me though. Are you going to be organizing this shindig?
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I'll be on vacation in Europe for the entire month of May so unfortunately I won't be attending a May meet.
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I could likely attend a meet anytime after the school semester is over, so sometime between end of May and before the start of the next semester in September. I am in Reno, NV which is about a six hour drive (the NorCal event I attended is a shorter drive). Anyone near Reno/Tahoe - we could start a separate thread maybe?
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Ah, Reno. I have a love/hate relationship with that drive.
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Originally Posted by Valens7 View Post
Ah, Reno. I have a love/hate relationship with that drive.
Yeah same here but leaning more towards the hate than love lol
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So I think sometime in June would sound good for most of you guys? How does Saturday, June 5 sound?

I'm actively in search of a small venue where we can host this thing, so if any of you guys have anything available or a place in mind, please let me know.
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June? Mighty quick. I am out of town the last ten days in May. Gone the week of June 21st. Gotta spend a week in the Pacific Northwest somewhere in the May/June time period. Just spent a week in the Garden State. How big of a meet are y'all planning anyway? Maybe we need to meet at a Starbucks and hash this out.
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I'm guessing around 5-6 people. I guess it'll just be a mini-meet to meet local members.

Then we'll probably have enough manpower to organize something bigger during CES week in 2011.
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Good Evening XxATOLxX,

A mini-meet is a fine idea. I am out-of-town May 22nd thru May 31st. Otherwise available. Will the Chicago meet interfere?
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I'm a head-fire in lAs Vegas
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Anyone interested in this still? We should get some kind of date going, you can count me in!
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