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Interest check: Las Vegas meet  

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Interest check for a Las Vegas meet; time would be arranged among those interested. As Las Vegas has few local hi-fi retailers, I think a meet is most needed among Head-fi members!
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I'm a vegas Head-fi member.. Not been here long, but enjoying my stay already. doesn't look like vegas has had many meets
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I will be in town right before Thanksgiving if you have it then.
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I might be willing to drive out from LA.
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We have three Las Vegas members now?

I'd be interested.
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Still one of the cheapest flights from Portland. Maybe I could drop down with a couple of Portland or Seattle members in tow. Not to mention, Vegas is one of the best venues for weather this time of year. Winter in areas east of the Rockies can but a damper on travel.
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I have a meeting place in mind - thinking of holding the meet there when CES takes place. Should give the thread a while to generate interest and plan for when our small group can make it
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I'm in Vegas. And I agree with the above poster. We need a meet as there is no where to try hifi stuff. I've been to guitar center and tried the HD 280s n that is about as good as they have at my local shop lol

I'd love to at least meet up with some Vegas goers and hear some cans or iems. If anyone here has some Grado's as I'd love to try those and hear there sound sig before maybe buying some. I dont have much to offer to a meet tho other than my weak setup the PK2 n Im616 or my big cans but they are nothing special.

We really only have 3 people here from Vegas TOTAL. Weak. Lol
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I'm down at Yuma AZ but I'm willing to come up to Vegas.
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Perchance. Any members with Stax rigs in attendance would really help sway my interest.
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I'm new here, in fact this is my 1st post on these forums! I live in Las Vegas and would be interested in coming to a meet. Since I'm just getting into this hobby, I would have nothing to share with others as far as equipment goes, but I would certainly share my enthusiasm! I've been absorbing many threads of info here and really wish to start auditioning cans and amps, so count me in as interested.
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I'm also in Las Vegas and interested in a meet. However I too am fairly new and just ordered some Grado SR80i's. So xguntherc you would be welcome to try them. I, too, have not been able to find a place to try out hifi stuff. I looked it up online and tried to call some audio/stereo stores but most of them weren't there to answer calls on the weekend. Nobody knows of any place in vegas that has headphones to audition? (other than best buy/guitar center)
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Greetings Sin City Head Fi'ers,

Thought I was in lonelyville here in the Las Vegas Valley. Glad a few others are resident.

Would be wiling to talk about organizing a meet. Never been to a Head Fi meet. Would bring my Vincent Audio KHV-1pre and Sennheiser HD-650's.
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I live in Vegas. I think the Head-fi Vegas count is up to 6 now...I think...lol
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I've been wanting to have one for ages. If anyone has a venue available, I'll be glad to help out with setup/coordination.
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