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FS: Beta 22 (not working) --- sold

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This Beta 22 was built by someone a year ago by my request and it has all the goodies as shown in the picture: Epsilon22 backplane, three channel Beta22 boards, Stepped Attenuator, two RCA inputs, two headphone outputs, one speaker output, nice case.

It stopped working a couple of months ago, where there is no power at all. I am completely not a handy man nor DIY type so don't know what went wrong. Could be some surge burnt the power switch.

If you are a DIY guy and good with curcuits, then make an offer and grab it.

It has nice blue LEDs when it was working:

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Give us some idea of what it does when you turn it on - is there smoke, do any of the LEDs light up have you checked is it just the fuse?

Also some kind of guide price would be good - otherwise you will get an offer that may insult you!! I offer USD50!

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Lets up it to 200 posted to Australia
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