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Grado GS-1000 + ?

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I recently picked up a GS-1K. It has been great, however, I've been using my theater amp to drive it while I researched my available options. I will be listening to flac off my desktop. I was hoping you guys would be able to point me in the right direction. So far, my options are:

  • Pico DAC -> EC/SS -> GS1K
  • X-CAN V8 -> GS1K
  • DAC1 -> EC/SS -> GS1K
  • DAC1 PRE -> GS1K

... or something that WOO makes (pending more research)

My concerns are that the X-CAN wont be able to drive the GS1K. I've read a few reviews where this is the case. Also, I've read that you won't be able to fully appreciate tubes unless you start with a SS setup.

Any insight and feedback would be much appreciated
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GS1000 lacks body, so you need an amp that adds body to the sound.

All the amps you listed doesn't do much in that department. I would recommend a Woo6, which would drive GS1000 fairly easily, and add a nice body to the thin GS1000 sound.

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Thanks Mike. I'm assuming I don't need something like a WA6SE (however I guess "need" is very subjective in this community )
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I've been quite pleased with the Heed CanAmp and the GS1000. More than enough to drive them and a good neutral amp which I also enjoy greatly with the K701.
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Originally Posted by ting.mike View Post

GS1000 lacks body, so you need an amp that adds body to the sound.

I think that is very true of the GS1000, and all Grado. I would recommend a Mapletree Ear, any model. If you are willing to convert the cable to balanced I have found the results even better. I run my balanced GS1000 through a balanced Cmoy based amp driver by 4 opa627 opamps or out of the speaker terminals of a Bryston B60R(dual mono integrated 60wpc) I tried it out of the speaker terminals of a Rotel RA-01, but found it lacked the resolution of the Bryston. I am looking next to purchase a dedicated balanced amp, probably a tube based amp. I am toying with the idea of using 2 Mapletree Ears, one for each channel.
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Going back to this old thread, lately I've been enjoying the GS1K very much with my Woo6. Seems like a very good match.

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the grados i've owned all match very well with the woos. in particular my WA6-SE.

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