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Made another lastfm artist art wsh panel. It has thumbnails. If you want it, other panels, or my whole theme, go here.


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Here is mine



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Spamming, wonder when I will get tired of this biggrin.gif



You can get the panel code or the entire theme are at http://www.mediafire.com/?c7td9icjuy2rw

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Nothing incredibly fancy but well organized making use of the tab filtering like Songbird has.


Still a few things I wish I could do but it gets the job done.





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How are ya'll putting the album art in the playlist?

That's the only thing I'd change about my setup.

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You're using Default UI, then you need to install foo_esplaylist then set it up. Read the readme and tinkering around, it might be a little hard to navigate at first but it's easy once you get used to it.

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Thanks for the link, but after trying everything I can and not being able to make heads or tails of esplaylist I've come to the conclusion that esplaylist isn't what I want.


All I want to do is add album art to each group in my playlist like this (doctored picture of what I want my final product to look like):





Do I really need esplaylist to do this?


I've also been tryin to get the grouping syntax correct. 

I've got the label in the order I want, I just want it to be displayed like this:


Closing Time [1973] - Tom Waits (MP3/CBR)


What I've got now:


%album% %date% - %artist% %codec%

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Well you have a few ways with order of increasing complexity:

. DUI with esplaylist (what I told you)


. DUI or CUI esplaylist or elplaylist


But as I'm bored and your theme is quite easy to set up, I did it for you with DUI and esplaylist.

Get this then extract the cfg file over your original esplaylist cfg file in your foobar profile folder. Next import the theme file gandhirrea.fth and you're done. The grouping is like in my config, but it provides what you want already.


EDIT: the size of album cover in the playlist in the config I made is kinda small, just resize that column to any size you want.

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Simple but effective. It would be nice to be able to incorporate my BBE VST plugin as a tab along the bottom, is there a plugin for such a purpose?

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Foobar Screenshot.jpg


Here's mine. Simple, but it gets the job done.

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Originally Posted by thuantran View Post


Looks perfect!


Now that I have a reference I might be able to figure out what I'm doing!


Again, I appreciate it

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I updated my config, 2 views:



Last.fm panel code changes:

. Major rewrite, move all lastfm query functions into bio panel.
. Artist art retrieval is now done by parsing xml answer from lastfm by my code and wget instead of using art.exe (don't need .NET Framework now).
. No more artist art panel randomly crashes (due to trigger happy playing one file after another with different artists), thanks to the first two changes.
. Improve blacklist feature: no more downloading blacklist image to only delete them later.
. Added Offline functionality.
. User can change biography cache life time, and whether to refresh artist art at the same time.



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