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Most important power cable.

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I have a few extra power cables to play with. One is a Oyaide Tunami power cable. Alright guy/gals, where do you put the best power cable you have on you rig? Source, pre-amp, amp or whatever else? Just want to make sure I'm on the right track?
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why not plug it into all of your components, and see which makes it sound better to you?
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higher quality pc's/ic's should be put the closer you are to the source ... you can cut corners the further downstream you are ... BUT these are of course gross generalities -- different materials / solid cores / synergy can have marked effects
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I would use it on the source, since that is were most of the low-level signal is handled.
That said, why not try out on your own?
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I also go for the source. When ever I try out a new power cord I always try it out with the source to get a feel of how it sounds with my system. =)
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unless your power distributor has a detachable cord, put it on the source. if you use a powerbar/power conditioner, you may want to use the cord on it, since it feeds everything.
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Yes my Furman power conditioning has a nice power cable on it. So does my Darkvoice and Arcam. I have been swapping a lot of cables between them. Everybody's gear is different so I was thinking their results would be different too. Like to me the Darkvoice has the most change with a power cable. The Arcam likes bigger gauge cables. It sounds a little muted with smaller gauge cables. I have stuff from 15 AWG up to 10 AWG. The Furman is great recabled with Silver Plated Copper. Just on power cable overload at the moment.
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The component that has the worst internal power supply as it will benefit most from the better power cord. My cdp has a very good power supply and benefits little from high-grade power cords.
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