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FS. 24V Aikido

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I have for sale a 24V Aikido nearly complete. Only a couple of cheap caps and resistors needed.  The amp is for sale because I had two for a balanced set-up but decided to go SE and fully completed only one amp. The amp includes the main board, HS-PS-1 power supply, Antek 100VA transformer. The board is populated with Multicap, Sonicap, Panasonic FC, and Blackgates caps. The resistor are Holcro, PRP, and Vishay Dale. This is by far the best sounding preamp/headamp I have heard. I blows my old Woo3 out of the water, even when it was loaded with pinch waist E88CC tubes. The amp is without chassis, attenuator, source selector... I am asking $425US shipped in N.A. and $500 with 4 Amperex tubes(A-frame or Halo getter), add $25 for global shipping. The picture included is of Fierce Freaks amp board that is nearly identical to mine.  I also will be listing many varieties of the 6GM8 tubes including Telefunken, Siemens & Halske, Aperex A-frame and halo, and Russian 6N27P. 

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These come up so rarely you deserve a bump!

Good luck with the sale - what tubes are you using?

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Want to sell the Amperex separately?
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I have Amperex with halo getters, A-frames, Telefunkens, 6N27P Russians, Siemens, and many rebranded Amperex. Give me a few days to decide whether the others are for sale, but I must offer a quad to the new amp owner just in case thay cannot find some as they are increasingly rare.
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I have decided to sell another board.  The original post has been edited to reflect this.

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Price drop.  $400 with 4 tubes.

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Deal pending

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