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Which amp for GS1000?

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I'm new to this site for posting, but found the information here invaluable for many different aspects of audio.
I have recently purchased an iMod (w/ ALO Cryo cable) from Ken at ALO, and a friend in the states sent me a pair of GS1000's from the states, as they're at least another 50% more expensive in Australia.
I'm currently running this system through a standard "Altoid" CMoy amp, and to be fair, everything sounds suprisingly pretty good.

However, I am looking for something else as an amp, and have read many different threads about amps etc... but many of you have a far few thousand $ to throw at an amp - I on the other hand have about $1000 USD to spend.

I'd rather be looking at a valve amp (as i'm also vinyl addict!), but understand price constraints, and I can always upgrade at a later date.

Can anyone help with suggestions of a good sounding companion to GS1K's, at around the $1k mark?

Thanks Head-Fi'ers!


p.s I would rather buy used amp from this site (instead of new), so if you're also selling, let me know!
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I thought my Woo Audio 2 did a beautiful job with the GS1000's.
Woo Audio 2 High End Headphone / Pre Amplifier
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I have read a lot of good reviews of Woo products, however, do they sound good as stock? It's just that most people mod the hell out of them from what i've read...
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^ Yes, they do sound good as stock.
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I auditioned GS1000i with Yamamoto HA-02. Although I didn't like the sig of the Grados, I must admit that I was pretty amazed by the combo.
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I too have read that the GS1000 mates well with Woo amps. Please note that I haven't listened to a GS1000 nor a Woo amp... One day however...
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HA-02 is not the optimal choice for the GS1000 however you can get pretty good results using the Sylvania Gold Pin tubes. My friend switched from the Yamamoto to the Woo2 and considered it as an upgrade for the GS1000. I guess EAR Yoshino HP-4 is most desired for these headphones.
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I guess that the general consensus is to just go straight for the jugular ... valves over solid-state.

I certainly would rather go for valves, but does anyone have any SS suggestions, or do the GS1K sound too underwhelming with most SS amps?

I've been looking at the W2, and must say that it has great reviews!
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Grace m902 and SPL Auditor are great SS options for GS-1000
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I'm also faced with another problem when looking at most amps.

From my iMod i'm running the ALO 3.5mm plug that Ken provides with the iMod (great cable!). Most decent amps have phono inputs, not one suitable for this cable.

As the black caps are in the connector for the plug (and a new cable from ALO would cost at least $300, and the cabling is not as good as the current one), I would need to find a female 3.5mm to Phono connector thats of a very high standard, otherwise the iMod cable will be degraded.
I'm struggling to find one of a high standard online... do any of you guys know a company who could help (i'm sending Ken at ALO a seperate email).

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The HP-4 would be great... if i re-mortgaged my house! : )
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I've been using my GS1000i with a Mapletree Audio Design custom build, and it's a beautiful combination.

From what I gather from other MAD owners, you can't go wrong with any MAD amp + any Grado headphone.

Here's some pics:

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^ You just wanted to show off your amp - it's looks awesome!

Originally Posted by Leeskin View Post
I guess that the general consensus is to just go straight for the jugular ... valves over solid-state
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Originally Posted by robm321 View Post
^ You just wanted to show off your amp - it's looks awesome!

You caught me!

Despite it's beauty, it DOES have the sound to match...!
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Surprisingly, the Heed CanAmp sounds really good with the GS1000. While mostly recommended for the 701 (and it's perfect for those cans), I really like the way it sounds with the Grado.
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