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What type of audio quality(bitrate) do you listen to?!?!

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I'm just curious with all the hype over 192khz soundcards and DACS - what type of music quality does the majority of headfi listen to?

So here's a poll to see , choose what the majority of your library consists of..

and a quick question: what's the point of getting an external soundcard for your DAC if your music is NOT high quality(the first choice)
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90% flac, but some are 320k due to pure lazyness on my end. I hate to re-rip the ones that I listen seldomly.
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99+% ALAC when i am on computer and iPod listening mood

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90% of my library is made of LAME encoded 320 kbps variable bitrate files.

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99% mp3s (128 - 320 kbps) though I am slowly trying to get more into lossless using alac. Theres really no reason not to use lossless, space is not an issue anymore with 1TB hard drives. Also you will never regret having a lossless collection, where you may have second thoughts on a 320kbps collection, even if the difference isnt huge.

However so far I have found it pretty to difficult to find legitimate lossless music downloads. I am not about to step back into the past millenium and start buying physically albums. We are in the year 2009 after all, why does mp3 even exist anymore? It made perfect sense in the 56k and 80GB harddrive world, but now its just not an issue anymore. So go LOSSLESS!
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192kbps to 256kbps mostly.. really starting to become a bottleneck now that I have the JH13s.
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Usually FLAC, and some 24/96 vinyl rips.
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I mainly listen on Spotify these days, since I don't have the money to go out buying CDs every week lol
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All Flac.
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Something like this..
95% Apple Lossless
4% 192kbps MP3
1% 256kbps AAC
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Lately I have almost exclusively listened to APE/FLAC files, lossy formats just seem lack life and depth.
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I've ripped all my CDs in Apple Lossless, copied those files to 256kbps for portable use. I also have quite a few mp3s that I've acquires from friends and a few Apple 128kbps files.

There is a huge point to getting an external DAC regardless of your file types. It gets the analog out of the noisy environment of you computer. Besides, anything above about 192kbps is pretty hard to distinguish from lossless without scrutinizing specific passages. and listening for specific artifacts. If you'd rather listen to music than gear, you'll be more than fine.

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50% FLAC + 50% WavPack.
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256 - 3260 kbps
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Anything lossless. Storage is cheap.
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