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Bill, sorry to hear about your wife but glad that she is okay. I hope you can make it but certainly understand if you are unable.
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Sorry to hear that she will be in our prayers and hope she will be fine.

God bless,
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Bill, I hope that all is well with your wife, and I look forward to see you at a future meet. Holly and I really enjoyed meeting you both at that meet at your place, that seems so long ago.

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Hi Mike: The weather system covers the state from above St. Augustine down to Pompano. I will see what the conditions are like in the morning; the ride home from Orlando tonight was miserable. To further complicate matters my wife had a mini stroke while riding her bike on Wed. She went back to work today & seems alright but will not know if there was any permanent damage until next wed. when she gets the results of the CT Scan.

Bottom line: If the rain is mostly gone we will come; I just won't subject her to 6 hours driving in bad weather at this time.

Hope to see you all.

Bill Wilson
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