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Updated list:


* = attending Friday night festivities
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Put me down for whatever the friday night festivities are. Considering the secrecy of how people magically got signed up and what the festivities actually better be good.
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Originally Posted by danmagicman7 View Post
Put me down for whatever the friday night festivities are. Considering the secrecy of how people magically got signed up and what the festivities actually better be good.
The festivities are dinner and beer at Brother Tuckers and then Albert Castiglia at the Back Room Blues Bar. No secrecy, I just knew some of the people that would be going without asking.
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Zu Audio Party?

I read recently that Zu Audio has is promoting what they call Zu parties. You can find information about them on their website. I am interested in the new Essence speaker so this is of particular interest to me. To make a long story short, I spoke to the guy that handles this who is located in Atlanta. He has the date open and is willing to come down with a few sets of their speakers, Peachtree Nova and their cables. He also mentioned some new gear that has not been announced. I am trying to figure out if I can accommodate him. I've explained who we are and what a meet is. Despite that, he is still interested. I wanted to see if this is of interest to others.
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It looks like this could work out. There are a few ways to do it. The room the meet is in is 1200 sq.ft. and can be divided into 2 rooms, one 800 and the other 400 sq.ft. This creates a sound problem in the headphone area. I can get a hotel room and use that during the time the headphone meet is going. It's not a big area. If we went this route, we could end the headphone meet at say 4 and then get an early dinner and Zu can move from the hotel room to the main room, probably the smaller of the two rooms and we can go from 6 until whenever. I have the room pretty much as long as I want, figuring that 11 pm would be the latest we would go. The other alternative is to have them to partition the meet room and have them there all day, alternating one hour on and one hours off. Then have it speaker only from 6 or 7 on. Let's face it, it's not like meets are quiet.

Let me know what you guys think. I am leaning towards inviting them.
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Mike, I like the idea of dividing the meet room. I haven't listened to a good 2-channel rig in a long time so I'm definitely game for Zu attending and having their stuff for us to listen to. And like you said, it's not as if meets are quiet at all. #420 for me!!!
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The Zu guys are in for sure. They are good with alternating throughout the day and then at say 6 or so, taking over the room. I would hope that as many people as possible come back, after dinner and spend the night with the Zu people. In speaking to my contact, they are about the music and the party. They of course want to sell speakers. I made it clear to them, that there would be no promises in that regard and he understood. You can read about some of the parties and the concept on their website: Zu Audio Tour
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Mike thanks for doing this, it is special events like this that help grow our hobby.

I am really interested in hearing the Zu Essence speakers after the stereophile review of them. I liked the Druids with acoustic stuff and small combo jazz, they just couldn't rock out.

If we have several hotel rooms seeing as we have a robust out of town contingent one option would be to set up a few rooms as high end rooms for the $$$$$$ rigs.
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Damn it terrible timing for me (finals). Have fun guys, maybe next time!
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looking forward to listening to the zu audio speakers. great stuff mike.
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Looking forward to the demo as I am right in the middle of upgrading my speakers in my main system.

I will probably bring headphones only, Grado HF-1, JH-13 or UE-11, for this meet.
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Their description makes it sound pretty cool.

Zu House Party: What It Is

Naw, it's not a dog and pony show, no pressure to buy, just a real house party. It just happens that we are playing through hot new Zu gear, and if we can plant seeds for future Zu purchases, even better. A Zu House Party is about the party not the gear, and any good party is about the music. Additional spice includes good sound, new or interesting gear, fascinating people, talking music and hi-fi, hearing the new Zu products. We'll make sure there's good food and drink, then chill on the patio. It won't be as unhinged as a Pi Kapp party, but we'll do our best to keep it raw, original, intimate and fun.
I think it'll be cool to enjoy an early dinner (involving good food and drink) and then come back to a nice listening session where people can converse, meet others, and catch up with some which is definitely a favorite part of my attending meets. How often do you get a chance to have an audiophile sound system at your normal parties? (I have a feeling some of you would reply "often")
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The Zu party sounds terrific! Will be a nice change in pace from a normal meet, and I'm looking forward to meeting and hanging with the Zu crew. It has been interesting following their morphing from a cable maker to full blown speaker house. Their speakers look gorgeous, and I am hoping will sound just as pretty.

It will be interesting to see if they have any room treatment tricks to get the most from the space. Big, boxy rooms with lots of dead space are always a challenge.

This is going to be a lot of fun.
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Hello all.

I would like to come and experience all that florida has to offer a head-fi meet.

I can bring the "extremely extreme extreme^extreme" AKA "the orange crush". I will need a source.

I also cant wait to hear the Zu speakers. The NJ audio society had a meeting at someones house with one of them, and they said they were really nice. I missed the local meeting so its nice that I get to hear them
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Bring the Orange Crush and I will have a source for you. I have two turntables and the uln-2, so it should not be a problem.
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