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McDonald's or Subway

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Which do you prefer? Please explain why you chose it.
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the food at both places is rather poor, so I voted based solely on McDonalds' amazing charitable works
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subway is healthy. i go there all the time. nothing at mcdonald's is.
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Subway it is...
Simply for the taste of it, and it does not hurt that it is most certainly an healthier alternative.
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Subways better, I like how u can customize the sandwiches so everytime I go I swap the ingredients and the topping just for variety. Its fun and most of the time its good or great. I dont like how they are inconsistent with locations however, some of them are really good, while some locations are horrible. They need to be better in quality control overall to maintain quality across restaurants.
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If I had to, I could eat Subway every day, but wouldn't be able to go more than 2 with McDonalds. That, and Subway just tastes better IMO...
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I would prefer to eat something from Subway than from McDonald's.

On a different point. I avoid Subway because I find that they all smell absolutely awful. Really terrible. I don't mean that they are unclean or anything like that, but something they use in their bread makes the restaurants smell disgusting. I rarely eat anything from Subway because after standing in line for 5-10 minutes all of my clothes are saturated with the "Subway smell" and I feel gross for the rest of the day. Maybe its just me...
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I'll say McD's baybee. Load me up with Qpounds, nuggies, and choco shakes every time. We're in. We're out and calorie stacked.
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Subway gets the vote for me. The taste of McDonalds is a bit bland and I like customising my own sandwich in Subway. Very nice
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Mr. Sub. Actually, years ago they used to be better than Subway, but now it all seems the same.
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I prefer subway, but eat more often at mcdee as I can eat there and be full for a third of the price.

Also the subway franchise system in quebec heavily annoys me. "Available at participating restaurants", but I tried 3 times to take advantage of a promotion on TV and was told they were not a participating restaurants at different outlets.

And the restaurant does smell pretty awful.

And I worked there for a few months lol.
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Moogoob, I can barely stand Mr. Sub any more. Everyone I go to slops too much sauce on there and it makes me want to punch puppies.

On the other hand, I eat Subway every day at work and have not tired of it yet... Well okay, some days I am, but aside from a slew of long-waiting-time places and a Tim Horton's which is just far enough away to make it not worth going to (in perspective, there's a second Subway between where I work and where that Timmy's is), there's only a Pizza Pizza and a that formerly mentioned Subway near my work.
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Mc D - Subway is VILE
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i cant eat white bread so both poison me and if im going to do i may as well go the hole hog
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I prefer McDonalds to Subway.
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