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Good amps to pair with RE0's?

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Well my most recent amp died. I had a headsix for about 2 years, really liked it, till it poo-poo'ed on me. Then I got a cheaper Fiio E5, which I also liked--mostly the size. Now since it died mysteriously (must be the cold weather?) I'm in the market for a new amp that is budget priced. As in ~100 CND. Anyone have any ideas?

Preferably a re-chargeable one with a built in battery would be ideal.
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From what I heard, the iBasso T4 pairs well with the RE0. You could also wait for the pico slim and the the Fiio E7, these two I am waiting.
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I feel like a broken record, but RE0 and the Icon Mobile are a good combination to my ears. That is what I use, and it is a lot better than the e5 (which I also have used).


PS: Pico slim? In the 100 CND range? Where?
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wouldn't think about it for a heart beat if the slim is in the 100 CND range
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so does the e5 have good synergy with the re0?
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Yes, very good. I tried four amps: iBasso D10 and T4, Fii0 E5 and the Icon Mobile. The T4 and E5 work great, warmed them up, made the sound a bit fuller. Used the bass boost on both. The D10 didn't do much for the sound and the Icon brought out the bad aspects of the RE0, like harshness and brittle highs.
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The bass boost of the E5 may be nice to have with the RE0 as many folks a a little bit of bass heads. The RE0 does prefer a powerful amp. Things like the E5 and Icon are not powerhouses, so there is limitation to how much they can really make the RE0 sing. It might be advisable to look for something with more output capability just to be capable of effortlessly driving the RE0.
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The RE0 + the E5 with bass boost makes the RE0 sound perfect for me -- just the extra bit of bass the RE0 needs for it's perfect smooth highs. I am thinking about a T4, tho, so I don't know what I might be missing with it. The size of the T4 looks a perfect match for my 30gb Zune.
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