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Possible to Recable HD 238?

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Hi guys. I'm having a bit of a problem regarding the thickness and strength of the stock cables of the Senn HD 238, so is it possible to get custom cables for it? I opened the drivers and the solders are pretty much easy, but I don't know which cables to get.

Any help regarding availability and procedures on recabling are appreciated.
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Any luck with your recabling? Is the standard Mogami too thick? I wonder how the single entry affects the job since you have to route wires to the right side through the head band.
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I did a recable, but the headband is too small for some mogami, I cut a hole in, and cabled it that way.

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MASTER!!!, but a tutorial for dummies...like me....:( do yo have one or know where ???,  i love this cans...

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