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Im totally down for the 27th, and im just right up the road at wright patt ill bring my new RSA Protector, Audio Technica ATH-A900's, JH Audio JH-13 Pro's, Audio GD DAC19Mk3, my iPod classic full of music, and my 15" MBP. Also my balanced TWag cable, if anyone has customs and wants to try the protector, and i have a TWag RCA to mini plug cable and TWag LOD
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27th of March works for me. Bubu1 - please let me know how I can help. I imagine that we'll primarily need tables and outlets. I can bring some surge protectors.

I can bring an Audeo PFE, Denon D7000, and Mini3 amp.
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I've been to meets before so I'll just post what I think are important points.

Meets typically need a reasonably quiet space with some way (e.g. a door) to ensure privacy. This isn't really to keep people out but just to ensure that some totally random person doesn't come in and make a mess (e.g. food on their hands) of everything.

Beyond that we'll need.

2). Tables.
3). Electrical outlets and surge protectors.
4). Chairs would be nice
5). Nametags. It's nice to put usernames with face. I can provide some markers and tags.

If the meet becomes bigger than 5-10 people then we'll probably have to keep a headcount and determine the amount of equipment each person is bringing. This will make it easier to just plan the layout of the room so that everybody has a space for their stuff. Disorganized and overcrowded meets are a real mood killer!
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Tables and chairs are not a problem. If we have it in the conference room, there are 4 tables arranged in a rectangle with comfortable chairs. The limit in that room will be the number of outlets. If we have more people, the lab has nice chairs and an abundance of outlets.
Odigg, thanks for the nametag suggestion.
I'm pleased with the response so far! It should be fun.
For the sake of keeping things organized, let's please post in the IC Dayton thread.
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I'll shift my posts over to the new thread.
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Thanks, odigg!
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Hmm I'm thinking about attending! I'm in Cleveland so it's about a 3 hour drive -- was hoping for a Columbus area meet at the worst but perhaps I can make it anyway we'll see.
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