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Ohio State/Columbus/Central Ohio Meetup

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A friend and I were discussing meet-ups, we'd like to see if there are any other OSU students or Columbus area members that might be interested in a meetup somewhere near OSU.

There's gotta be at least a couple dozen around here.
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Greetings! Former Buckeye here. Wanted to say hi and good luck w/ your meet!

My first high end audio 'eargasm': Progressive Audio, Infinity IRS Beta speakers, circa 'a long time ago', Chris Carter, in football years. My jaw dropped. Been chasing the dream ever since!

Hope you have a great meet!
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I would be interested in an Ohio meet.
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That makes three total so far! haha. I think we'd have no problem finding a place to meet on campus somewhere at OSU, if that was ever an issue.
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no one?
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Road trip to Chicago for ChiUnifi Nov 7! :-)
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I was trying to pull something together for a Indy/Cnati option but the interest was low. If something gets going in Cbus, I'd consider a run up. Perhaps a few in my area would run up. We'll see how it develops.

I'd love to get SACD lover's tubes to sample if he'd come.
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I will send gear and raffle out prizes!!

I would come, but I'm in NY...

Whiplash Audio
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I would be able to come. But, I cant stay an extended time.
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I go to OSU and would possibly like to go, but I'm headphone-less ATM so I have nothing to contribute.
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If someone could find a quiet, large-ish room for our meet, that's half the battle.

I'd be glad to drive down to OSU, maybe even pick up a few people on the way. I could bring all my headphones, my amps and whatever else I can find.

We all need to visit this thread frequently, keep it bookmarked!
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I'm currenty attending said university and of course would be happy to attend on any weekend. If we had it somewhere on campus or near it, I might actually be able to haul the facewoofer in my van somewhere

Anyway, I'm subscribed now and will be anxious to hear of any thread progression
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I went to OSU, but I hate sports so no "go bucks" from me

I'm interested in an OH meet. What does one do at these meets anyways?
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listen to things and stuff
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Originally Posted by chobint View Post
listen to things and stuff
Will there be beer?
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