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iPod owners!

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This is just a heads up for the iPod owners out there. iPod software update version 1.0.2 was just posted at apple.com

from the read me file:

Changes since 1.0:

iPod now supports additional languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.
Power management in low battery conditions has been improved.
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tvhead, do you know anything about the iPod "whine" that has caused quite a stir on the iPod discussion board at Apple.com? I'm hesitant to get the iPod because of this. Anything new from Apple on this that you're aware of?
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I hear the "whine," but I'm not sure if I would have noticed it if I didn't go in the apple forums. I don't listen to classical music which is where people hear it the most. It kind of sounds like the hard drive is spinning. If anything I would have just thought it was that, and it wouldn't have bothered me. Apple is looking for solutions according to the ipod moderator's newest posts. It should be perfect product, but unfortunately it isn't. There are lots of weird little things about it.

Here is one of the responses from the ipod moderator made today:

The source of this noise is believed to be the use of standard MP3 decoders in low-power consumer devices. Apple is investigating possible solutions, but we have no further details at this time.

I still enjoy it, and I'm not going to return it.. I listen to all my music off this thing. I listen to a lot more music now because of this thing too.. It is with me all the time (replaced the cell phone!) I stuff it in my jeans pocket with a pair of mx500s threaded under my shirt up to my ears.. I guess the "whine" doesn't bother me as much as some people.
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Here's a good resource for iPod owners: http://www.ipodhacks.com.

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ipodlounge.com is also good.
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It is a dilemma...

Mine whines, and I noticed it as soon as I listened to it. It wasn't until I got into the Apple discussion board that I discovered that other people are noticing the problem.

I had hoped that there would be a software solution, but I am starting to get concerned that it is hardware. Either way, I think that Apple will fix it. I just don't know where it is on their priority list.

Even with the whine it still blows my Archos player out of the water in sound quality, usability, durability, and about any other -ility that I can think of.

I guess that I would advise waiting until they have a solution before buying one. I advise this because it is another way of making sure that the issue gets up the priority list.
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The strange thing is, from what I've read, it only whines with mp3 files, NOT AIFF files.
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Damn apple. I felt this same way when I got my iBook.. I was so worried about getting a dead pixel..

I got the compusa warranty on the ipod just in case..
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I've never heard the whine folks are talking about. I can feel the hard drive spin up when is accessing something. But nothing through the phones.

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If you don't hear, don't bother looking for it. It will ruin your day.
If I don't think about it, it's not there.

Supposedly it is in the hardware mp3 decoder. I thought one of the selling points was that the decoders were upgradeable, so it should be a software issue. I'm going to bring that up in the ipod forum.
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