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FS: Headamp GS-X (Europe 220/240V)

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I have a mint condition black Headamp GS-X for sale. It comes with a Europe 220/240V power supply.

I'm guessing that it was made around March 2007, but Justin can probably give an exact date. S/N is GSX003.

I bought it from the headfier XXII a few months ago, and I've used it to great success with my HD800 both balanced and unbalanced. I'm selling it because I no longer need a dedicated amplifier, since my new source has builtin volume control and is capable of driving the balanced HD800 directly out of its balanaced analog outputs.

I'm looking for SOLD plus shipping.

For a European, that's 30% off when you factor in 25% VAT + 5% import taxes/customs fees.

In addition you skip 2-3 months of waiting time (8 weeks in production, a week shipping to Europe, and possibly another week or two of customs processing).

That's a pretty good deal, if I may say so myself!

Have a nice day!
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Hey, sorry that you're selling so soon. Send a PM rosgr63, I almost sold the GS-X to him and I think he'd still be interested in acquiring one.
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who wants the best balanced SS headphone amp, this is it !
who gets it is a lucker, free bump
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Great amp, I highly recommend it, I was too slow to buy it from XII. For an EU buyer, it's a steal. Unfortunatelly I ordered a new amp so I can't buy it. What a pitty!
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Friday morning bump!
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Someone buy it now
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Payment pending.
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Finally, congratz. To the buyer I mean
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It's me, thanks! I had been looking to buy a balanced SS amp with the GS-X high up on the list. Sometimes good opportunities present themselves.
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