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Grado SR325/SR325i question

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Just wondering. Are all of the silver Grado SR325s the "i" version? or was there another silver SR325 that came out before the silver SR325i?

And if there are two silver SR325s. How do you tell the difference between the two?
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There was a non "i" version that was silver.

Edit: There's the proper picture!
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Quoting moogoob from The Official Grado 325i Owners Club thread,
The models go (in order of when they were produced):
SR-325 (cup painted black, straight rather than beveled edges of the cup)
SR-325 (left silver, same cup as above model)
SR-325i (gold, beveled cup)
SR-325is (silver, supposedly better cabling, otherwise identical)
So actually, there is no silver SR325i, only a silver SR325 and a silver SR325is.
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Wow, someone actually quoted me cross-thread. This is surreal.

Also, i was partly wrong- as you can see from the picture Joelby posted of the silver SR-325 the edge of the older 325 cups were beveled, just not quite as much as on the newer ones.
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Quoting tim3320070 from http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/off...4/index98.html

Originally Posted by tim3320070 View Post
Just to add- 325is is silver and beveled
To avoid any further confusion, moogoob!
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Picture comparison

Click on the pictures to enlarge them
SR-325 (Black) - Black and Straight Cups
SR-325 (Silver) - Silver and Straight Cups, little angle trim
SR-325i (Gold) - Gold and More angled trim on the cups
SR-325is (Silver and Current) - Same angled trims on the gold SR325i, just a different cable and color

Pictures came from Head-fi, J&R, and Headroom
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Thanks for the detailed pic's! I always thought that the original black and silver 325's had the same chassis. It looks to me that the original silver one is no more angled than the black--just lacking the paint job. Can anyone confirm this?
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Looking closer at the pictures, the black does have a small angled trim just like the original SR325 silver
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Yeah... the original black ones came out first and I think they just stopped painting them at some point to give us the silver 325's [which are near-identical to the MS-2's (non-"i")].
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