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I have no idea who Janoski is, but I'll agree that a good sports/do-it-all shoes trounce any hardcore skate shoe I've ever used and the technology hasn't really changed in the 10 years I've been away from the board. I see the same type of shoes I used to use and they look as relevant as the spatulas the ginos use. 


Simply put, sports shoes work for sports, and while skaters tend to think themselves as anti-jocks, they are in a way, jocks. Jocks + jock shoes = the right thing. 

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You've been away for a while, haven't you :)


Nike and Adidas are the biggest shoe brands in skateboarding nowadays and the hottest thing (wouldn't care less myself). They have their own skateboarding lines exclusively. I follow the skate media still a bit, though not as much as I used to a couple of years back. The trends and brands are not really important, skateboarding is. (Hope didn't sound too cliche-ish..)


Janoski is a pro skateboarder and the shoe by chance happens to be his "pro model". Again, couldn't care less about this fact. But they sell like nothing else at the moment. Been trying to hog all my sized pairs I could find in all the skateshops in Helsinki. They're that good to me. The shoe tree is made for my feet.


I believe there has been improvements concerning skate shoes and soles in particular. Good balance between grip and durability, is how I see (feel) it.

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Wow, I'm gonna have to try these Janoski shoes!

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Skateboarding ahoy!


Here's me and my two friends from around my hood.. Just finished uploading :)

(I'm the guy who liked to use jerseys..)



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Nice vid. Your pretty good!

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Those switch tricks were sicck.

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Thanks! I've maybe two to three full mini dv cassettes of material post-period of that video, from around 2006. Maybe I should put it together for something fun..


But damn it's nice out, perfect day for some skateboarding! ... Probably should start shooting again, still got a bag of tricks left..

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^ Indeed it is nice out! Just got through skating with the buddies... wow it's nice to sk8 again. I'm improving in my vert skills, although I still suck :P Oh, and I got an iphone today from a friend. Woo!

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Originally Posted by elbuzzard View Post

British Knights

People still wear Blood Killas? 


I picked up my unloved, unused board and tried to do some ollies in the parking lot. I could never be consistent (one of the reasons I stopped skating), but I realize now that it was mainly because I kept looking a the board as opposed as to where I was going.



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Just to get this going again... what music rigs do you use when skating? I usually just use a junky old mp3 player, and skullcandy ink'd are fairly good for the price and seem to be pretty sturdy (although mine eventually broke, but idc since they were skullcandy). If I ever get an otterbox defender case for my iphone I might use that, but need some cheap durable iems (if you can call them that :P). Any recommendations? Don't wanna buy more sk phones...

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hi guys!


The other day I was at the airport leaving someone who would pick a flight minutes later, when a guy approached me and offered his skateboard. He said he couldn't take them in the airplane. He also said he used that skateboard when he finished 8th on the X-Games. He signed it LOGAN. That is all I know.

Do you guys know of any Logan who ended 8th in skateboard at x-games?

I googled it but couldn't identify the guy as there are lots of Logan's on the skate scene 

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Some random guy with random story... lol jk, that's cool dude. Can you post pic of board, or at least tell us what brand it is?

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Tur. Brand on the Skateboard is "speed demons"
i have a photo with him. I believe he is fale because he was a bit fat for a skater
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Definitely a fake :)


Speed Demons boards come from Dwindle distribution, but don't have any professional roaster.


Darkstar wood has a vert boarder called Pierre-Luc Gagnon, I think. Enjoi doesn't have a single vert rider nor Blind..


You can't carry your board in hand luggage, that's true, but I think most of the pros all ready know where you can :)

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well I thought he was, but he didn't look like a liar. the skateboard is actually pretty old.

I think I'll put it in garbage, as I am no skater, I know how to ride (stand on it), lol but with this one, it is so fast that I can't ride it

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