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^ No, that's just Canadians in general XD. Lol jk! I heart Canada! Don't be mad at me!

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Canadian chicks definitely think skateboarding is lame ;) Being a chick, I think I'd know LOL


But I still do it! Rather, I did. I want a longboard tho. Sector 9, preferably.


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Wow, I was a nerd from 15-20 and still am - what about cyclocross bicycling? Is it cool?

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^ Dude, any sport where you get to where duds like that is considered epic in my book :)

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forgot about this thread.  I took a quick pic (sorry bout the sloppy cut and paste job).  


vintage G&S Fifreflex 25.5" w/Bennet Pro trucks and Kryptonics wheels


"reissue" G&S Fibreflex 45" e.Xkate trucks.  no wheels right now but have some Sector 9s floating around in my storage. 


I gave up on bombing hills.  I aint going out like that.  So the long board is probably going up for sale.  The shortie is usually in my car and I use it alot for quick transportation or on the rare occasion, in a skate park.  The kids either laugh at it or are super stoked.  "nice Banana board!"  I dont even miss ollies! 

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^ Sweet boards... drool... how's that smaller board do in bowls?

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Super fun! carving or quick turns this thing just sticks to the concrete.  Grinding is not recommended.

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Haven't skated for awhile, been too busy :( . But I did just get some new sk8 shoes from the store in my sig, they are having a sale on supra shoes. Hopefully anyone who skates knows supra shoes = awesomeness. Will probably use them more for casual stuff than skating, since they're high top. Anyway here's a pic:

Only $50 Woo!Supra_Suprano_Fishnet_ex_3.jpg

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What shoes do the rest of you like for skating?

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I was into the Skater image for a while, then eventually I found that a pair of Nike Airs were way better for control and comfort than any Airwalk, ETY, or DC. I gave up the skater image and went preppy - and it worked for me and my knees. 

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Lowtop Nike Air was the best for me. 

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Started skateboarding at 15 years old, I'm now 23.


Currently nursing a broken ankle, stuck at home most of the time either listening to music with my headphones on or watching Tilt Mode Army videos. Longest time not skateboarding (7 weeks so far, going to be a few months yet) and I'm missing it badly. I understand what Natas Kaupas meant when he said don't ever take it for granted.

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What shoes do the rest of you like for skating?


Thin, lightweight ones. Used to skate in thick stereotypical skate shoes, but they just weighed me down. I'm finding Adidas campas shoes meet my criteria nicely, I've got three pairs  

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Nike airs and campus shoes... goes to show that the shoes don't make the skater :)

Currently I use dvs novas for skating. $20 at a clearance store, work great!

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Not bashin on anyones choice of shoes! It's just that REAL skaters don't necessarily wear name brand skate shoes.

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haha, indeed. But skating is now and has been for 20 years a very fad-oriented sport. There is a clothing style associated with it that changes from place to place. You go to Easter Canada, and you will know the skaters by their (now) tight jeans, studded belts and tight shirts, the states by their baggy, but cool jeans, and here, much like Canada.


It is a FAD sport and always will be. Some people get into it for the clothes. Thus, a pair of Nike, that support the foot very well are excellent both for the body and for the soul. The thing is that I do not like Nike, I just had an extra pair. I also used Reebok. I think if I was skating today, I'd pick something supportive and tight fitting, something that skate shoes are not.

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