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well its not realy a skateboard but i got my Trampa Mountain board (made while they where still HillBillyATB) use it for kiteboarding with with my 5m ozone samari and 7m BusterII
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/\ I've heard of those, sounds cool!
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These china bones, is that a nickname for bones reds (made in china)? Never heard of china bones.
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Cool thread, I stopped skating 3 years ago but I stil have my set-up, the deck is cracked though, i also have bones bearings the black ones, those things are so fast I also olied them which made them even faster.

I rode my cousins skateboard few weeks ago and I could still kickflip and do a variable flip.

btw anybody ever own a Jamie Thomas decks the ones with the big cross? Me and my friend both bought that deck and those pieces of Sh#t snapped in less than a month for both of us lol, for some reason I got another one though ( I really like the design) and it snapped in 2 weeks ,they were so brittle, usually a board would lasted me like 3-4 months .
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Originally Posted by 11amaberry View Post
These china bones, is that a nickname for bones reds (made in china)? Never heard of china bones.
Yeah they're the Reds. China Bones is just the nickname.
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I used to ride a Sims Snake board with Tracker Trucks and Kryptonic wheels and my son still has that one. About three years ago after watching some guys that looked to be about my age (45 at that time) I decided to give it a go again. Bought a Powell old school style board with Independant trucks and Bones wheels.

I rode it around on the street for a couple of weeks then decided to try a very mild skate park. On my third attempt at an easy kickturn I must have landed funny because I fell but wasn't injured, so I thought. I sat there a minute because my right knee felt different and when I tried to walk on it, it buckled. Why? Torn ACL. I was the talk of the physical therapy team. "You tore your ACL doing what as a 45 year old"?

Sadly, I've decided to not resume skateboarding.
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Road cykler: Try long boards. They're much um... Safer?? I'm thinking bout getting one... You just need hills lol.
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Ok, then that's what I use too lol. Not bad for 15 bucks eh? Eventually I might get some Bones Swiss or even Ceramics if I get good enough at vert. I'm also gonna try to get some pics up of my setup, I think it would be cool to see everyone's boards!
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Deck: Enjoi Rasta

Trucks: Krux Colt Cannon Pro

Wheels: 53mm Spitfire Tracers

Bearings: Swiss Bones

Hardwear: Emerica Stay Gold


Longboard:  Sector 9 Bomb Hills not Countries

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Used to skate almost everyday few years ago. Then had a long brake form skateboarding. Now I don't have as much time as earlier. However I'm trying to start again, but the weather sucks so far.


Blank deck 7.5' with element grip

Destructo trucks MID

Element wheeles

Flip black bearings


Fav. tricks:

360flip, nollie flip, no comply 180, ollie north. Old school tricks in general

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Sweet setups! Here's an old pic of mine, it has much more wear now lol

piotrus-g, how do you like those Destructos? My friend used to have some but complained about the weight. He switched to some hollow thunders. They are VERY light!IMG00226-20090907-0645.jpg

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Couldn't care less about the weight of the trucks, it's mostly the axel placement in longitude that regards "pop". Thunder Lows, narrow (tried the hollow ones too) are the best overall for me. AND they turn the best. Not too flabby (indy) but turn tight on demand :)

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I skateboarded now for maybe about 15 years, plus or minus a few years. Unfortunately, where I live now isn't very conducive to it (nor was college without a car), so I have been able to do it only on and off for the last 5. I miss it, yea, but I miss snowboarding way more. I used to ride at least 100 days a season (most of which was training, but still a thrill). That DEFINITELY doesn't happen around here though =P


What I want to do now is try surfing.

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My friends new setup: Chocolate board, thunder lows trucks, no name wheels, bones red bearings

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Funny how skateboards haven't changed shape since about 1991 when the fat tails got rounded and then in 1993 or 1994, everything looks the same as now. I quit in 1999 with a broken ankle and tendon (still hurts badly). Was considered all-around oldschool back then, meaning I did the usual varial healflips, but mixed in care bears, full 360 grinds, spins, and other dizzy stuff. Never got the girls though: is skating still unpopular with the ladies in Canada?

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