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Must try this "ollieing" thing sometime. I've been wanting to try it for a while.

Soviet911, how much do you weigh and what color springs are those? Light green?
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Significantly harder on a longboard, I can do it but have been skateboarding all my life :P

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Must try this "ollieing" thing sometime. I've been wanting to try it for a while.

Soviet911, how much do you weigh and what color springs are those? Light green?


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Golden Ears: Your post made me feel like I was on Silverfish... had to check the URL.  Reminds me of the days Cliff Coleman used to post on Gravity's forum... except this is a headphone forum...  Guess the reason no one is posting pics of Wefunks is because they bought LCD-2s instead...

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I know the feeling Coatze. I sadly came to the hobby after the Gravity forum closed, so no go for me. And Aart, I have a street deck to try it on. It is much harder on a longboard, yes it is.

Wefunks? Nah, everyone's got an Evo. (Seriously, I went to an event, there were like 10 Evos there.)
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My latest   

whaddya think??



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i am pretty old but i won't say how old. so, the kids call me mr. 10 foot ollie. since i can't ollie 10 inches anymore haha. well, i am afraid. at my age there can be serious consequences. i just got swiss ceramics. like they will make me go any faster lol. i still have hand painted visions. my favorite one is mark gonzales.  . now t hats old skewl.. . .  

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been skateboarding since i was 8. i realized i sucked at it about the time i hit 17 and gave it up pretty much for good. once i hit 360-flip territory i stopped trying, or didn't have the patience/drive for it or something. MEH.

2 years ago i picked it up and started progressing a tiny bit, but mostly stuck to flatland, bowls, and mini-ramps. i got okay at it, but i pretty much quit for good shortly after. i get the odd urge every now and again to pick up and ride around town or go to some empty parking lots and manual for days. i remember wanting to be a professional when i was like 10, but nothing ever happened. haha.



my "first" deck was a blacklabel i stole from my sister's ex. i forget what trucks/wheels/etc. next one was a world industries with lucky bearings, independent trucks, and spitfires. all classic. then i "upgraded" to my current deck i've had for 4 years. it's just a generic deck from a skate shop called "the station." basic 8-ply deck with venture trucks, bones bearings and rictas.


recently got into longboarding because my friends have gotten crazy into it. i had a nasty fall last year where i was bombing a hill that was a couple miles long in a gated community. going about 35+ miles/hr (friends were in a chase car behind me to give some reference). speed wobbles galore, i fell and got a nasty scar on my left elbow that's still sensitive to the touch, a scrape that went away on the small of my back and left hip, and i knocked the wind out my legs after tumbling. i fell on my phone too, but it still works. :D


i'm thinking about picking up a longboard for myself and probably will. luckily for me my friends frequent silverfish and will steer me in the right direction, considering they have 5-6 decks each. i'm quite jealous of them. :/

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Similar here, i quit like 7 or 8 years ago but now i came up on some pads and i've been thinking of heading to the local skate park. I will look like a total noob esp. since i have never even ridden a ramp before, but hey it's about having fun! I just need a helmet, no way am i busting my butt like all the guys on TV riding street.

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The other day I locked myself out of the house, and until my wife got home I decided to go for a ride around the neighborhood. Since my longboards were all locked inside as well, I took my mini, which is the board I keep in my truck, with trackers and 65mm 78A NoSkoolz. It's actually a very fast board, but it's terribly hard/uncomfortable/scary to ride at high speeds compared to my longboards. But it made me think that I could build an equally fast board using a 'normal' street/popsicle deck, and it would be somewhat more ridable than the mini, and I could also learn to ollie up curbs and stuff again. I just hate normal trick boards because they don't turn and they are slow because of the hard wheels. They also end up being tall to prevent wheel bite. My mini has wheel-wells sanded into it. Does anyone know of a deck that is similar to a normal park/street deck, but has deep wheel-wells in it?

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Season 3 of Epicly Later'd is up. bigsmile_face.gif


So far the episodes include Josh Kalis, Brandon Westgate & Ricky Oyola.  All 3 are well worth a watch.

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check this one out trains are bad

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I used to ride an Enjoi with Tensors back in the day when I thought I could catch up to Rodney Mullen lol

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I have this hanging on the wall, a Powell-Peralta reissue #63/100 by Cease and Desist. Probably will never ride it because its just too awesome to scratch.

I sold my last board, a Sector 9 mini cruiser. I wanna get a z-flex jay adams cruiser soon!



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Great Frankie Hil deck. I have a couple that I have yet to put on the wall. Really what to get a Anti Hero Eagle deck but the £55 price tag is putting me off at the moment.
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These are not skateboarding Head-fier's...


I don't even know if these dudes (and chick) even use headphones (though I secretly suspect that they do) ...


But they *ARE* some local Texas surfers folk that I'm acquainted with who, when not surfing, spend their time waiting for more surf, skating backyard ramps (and pretty damn respectably if I do say, my own aged self) ... and also ... killing wild hogs with hunting rifles (and then grilling and eating them) .. (yes, men/women after my own heart; I am so proud to be native to Texas!).




Anyway ... some fairly sick and drunken "small ramp" skate scenes here and there in the following vid. Also, some really fun/good surf skills. I am very proud of the past few years introductions to local Texas surfers/skaters ... they rip hard and are not afraid to kill the food they eat:




Super bad ass!


(but then again, I'm from the neighborhood)





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