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82a Sector 9 Raceforms. I have a big stance

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It's just that I can't even perform proper powerslides going downhill 20 miles per hour with 100a 50mm's :)

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I dont know if theres many brit skaters here, not read the whole 10 pages.

i currently ride a southstar 7.75 deck on royal trucks and ricta wheels with some bones reds, also have a plan b deck on thunder trucks, and an old minute deck on some independants.


Pics are my sexy trucks =]


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Been super busy lately, but managed to get some good skate time in at the bowl :)  Getting closer to being able to drop in, and my carving skills have improved. Btw, I found another awesome place to buy name brand "street" style clothes that's even better than Jack threads. Here's the link : 


Oh, any tips on nailing the whole drop in thing? I think my problem is I'm not leaning forward enough, but I still can't correct that for some reason. :P

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Heh, I remember my first drop ins. Scary stuff :)


Now that I've skateboarded a whole 10 years, I've noticed that when skating transition (bowls, miniramp etc.) my body tends to naturally loosen up. I'm bad at giving technical tips.. Few might be that you just have to "go for it", feel it and probably lean towards a bit more. It's really just feeling the transition and adjusting your weight according to that..


So, just roll around more and you'll most certainly do it in time! Just going around the streets, jumping ollies on and off curbs and pavings helps out A LOT. You get experience diversely. Oh, and you should probably watch some drop in trick tips on youtube as well. Some skate flicks boost my confidence a bit, so maybe they might help..


Hoooope this helps even a bit. Happy skateboarding!

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im loving my original apex 47...

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Have a sb from an old friend sine 2nd grade

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not been skating for many years but thinking of geting a longboard for next year..


still siesmic or randal trucks that rule?

making the borad myself,probably bamboo..

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Woa, bamboo board would be epic. Good news, I finally dropped in! But... not on my feet lol. My friends and I were goofing around, and came up with buttdrop, as in sitting on the board and dropping in. It actually looks harder and scarier than a normal drop, but is alot of fun and pretty easy. I stuck to 5 feet for now, but my friend went all the way to 9! It has to be some sort of record, and it was all recorded. He made a vid, I'll post it here if I get his permission. He sent the vid in to a clothing company, and they are sorta sponsoring him with free tshirts. I'm gonna try a real drop in either today or sunday. Also, bringing a mini ramp to the bowl makes so many new possibilities! Anyone watch the Xgames? It's got me ready to hit the park!

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I´ve seen them on the net, so I figured I try myself :)

got lots of bamboo and the whole winter to pass..


so what about trucks an wheels?

dream setup when I was still rollin was randalII 180´s or siesmic..any other recomendations?


mostly for crusing around twn,but I want a stable as **** setup as I love to bomb now and then :)

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Hmmm... I dont know alot about longboard/ cruisers... but I use Thunder trucks and they are considered to be one of the best brands. Spitfire 80d are epic wheels, and bones have awesome bearings, especially the ceramics.

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just looked upp thunder trucks, looks like it´s made for skteboards,not longboards? just to narrow..

looking for a wide,stable but still quickturning setup.


remeber using china "red" bones just cuz they where cheap :)  those ceramics are expensive!

think I´ll just stick to cheapos and spend my money on audio :)


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just remember when you drop in "commit". Really through your self down with your weight. Otherwise my friend your going to fall, and probably will. But its ok, that what all the fun is about

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I've always liked Bennet  and ACS trucks.  Hard to find them in good condition and even harder to find the right bushings for replacements.

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Get an Earthwing Superglider with independent trucks and a nice 78a 65mm wheel and you will have a great first longboard that is also a great all around set up.  Everything is a compromise, if you really want a downhill specific setup you will need to get just that.  But the glider will be good up to 25-30mph.


I have skated in some form since the 80s and nothing has ever come out that betters Indy's.  I have tried Randalls, Thunder, Gullwing, etc.  The only other brand I do like for some applications is Ace.  Indy's also go out as wide as 215.

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