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Sell it at the least, use the same story you told us :)

If it were me I'd hang it on the wall as a conversation piece (If I didn't know how to skate).

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well they are really old man.

And the only place I'd sell them is on ebay, but I'm really not wanting to pay ebay fees and troubles. I'll post a photo.

well here is the photo:

skater and I.JPG

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That's a Speed Demons complete, with no customization at all. No way in ever a pro would ride that, sorry :(


The trucks are the biggest bottle neck really.. The point of dragging a board like that around would be for sentimental value only and then he probably wouldn't have given it away, hehe. For a pro, that is.

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I think he got your wallet!

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Ok, when I do listen to music while skating, this is what I use for now. This pic also shows my board and the shoes I use (DVS novas with STARKS laces, rasta colored.) Obviously I don't do much street tricks :P


Don't mind the sk's ;P Just a disposable iemsk8pic1.jpg

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my wallet??



Well he may be a beginner in the top competitions...

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I think he got your wallet!

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^ lol, I was refering to the possibility he pick pocketed your wallet while you were having your picture taken with him... lol but dont mind my stupid sense of humour :P.

That's awesome dude, I'm sure he's alot better skater than me! It's a cool board too :)

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lol, it isn't your fault, I didn't get you, blame on me as I only related it to as if he had sold it to me.


well I think I'll have to throw it away as I don't have space for it at home, and it is too fast for me to ride it!

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Well, I would offer to take it off your hands... but it would be too much trouble to ship it. I suggest give it to some little skater kid who needs a better board and make his day :)

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well I don't know any skater arround! plus it is ollllllllllllllllld

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Currently in Beijing... One damn of a skatepark here. Google "Woodward Beijing". Nice outdoor and indoor system, mmm...


Haven't visited yet, but I will soon and try to grab some pics.

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Sweet, thats cool dude! I've always wanted to travel and visit the various skate parks as I go :P

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I have a $20 walmart skateboard =)

Sorry just had to throw that in 

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$20 Walboard FTW! lol I love cheap stuff :)

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Yeah. It isn't as good, but I know it can take abuse and you don't have to worry about it breaking. If it does, buy another $20 one! 

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