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This is schedule to ship end of August. Anyone know when it will hit the U.S.? Anyone ordered one?
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You can buy it here anytime:



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Anyone here has experience in Mytek DACs? How does it stacks up to others in it's price?
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What are other USB DAC's in the price range Mytek will have to compete?

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This DAC looks very intriguing. Question: is the output stage a discreet circuit or OP amp-based?
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Has there been any comparison of this against it's competition? Am VERY interested.
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Any update? Any delay? confused_face_2.gif

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I have received my dac

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I am also very interested in this dac. Where did you get yours? Looking forward to seeing your report.




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I order it from Mytek and received Date 10/3

It can play back DSD via USB & Firewire

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and , what, how does it sound ? I am pretty interested in testing the one with preamp option

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What software (OS/player) did you use to play DSD?
Did you have to install a driver first?

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According to Mytek.

For mac is pure music and for PC is HQ player.


I still wait for new firmwire.


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Any feedback from early users of this new Mytek DAC ?


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If the DSD files streaming is still not available, could anyone share his or her opinion on its PCM performance (24/96 and 24/192)?




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