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i have a mytek stereo96 dac and i'm really really sastisfied.
Very very neutral.The superclock feature is really amazing.
I can't work without it.

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Originally Posted by mr. nice View Post
very simply they believe that currently this is as good as it gets regardinig digital recording and reprodution.
Strangely they make no mention of how the DSD digital signal is sent to the DAC. *shrug*
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Originally Posted by fradoca View Post
Very very neutral.
Interesting. My limited experience with devices using AKM DAC chips are more on the pleasant, analog sounding side of the spectrum.
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interesting product.

But this "DSD" logo leaves me puzzled too.
Maybe they are refering to a PCM to DSD conversion, letting the DAC chips work in DSD mode? As it is used by dCS and Esoteric ... ?

We will see ...

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It is a good news. Now I waiting a new Prism Sound DAC for High-End (I hope this company make it).
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Small update, the specs of the products were changed a little bit, the expected shipping sate would be the end of Q3 2010.


Mytek Stero192 DAC


  • New 1/2 rack wide series
  • audiophile quality conversion, 120dB, 192 kHz, DSD
  • USB2.0 and Firewire interfaces
  • Standard AES, SPDIF, SDIF, WCK, optical ins/outs
  • Audiophile quality headphone amplifier
  • Precision analog stepper attenuator
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs
  • Built in optional upsampling to 192k w/ jitter reduction
  • ultra stable clock reference source with wordclock out


1435$, pre-order at Vintage King


EDIT: New Image

Edited by khaos974 - 7/10/10 at 4:06am
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Bigger picture, it looks really good


Mytek Stereo192 DSD DAC

Edited by khaos974 - 7/11/10 at 6:51pm
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Good move on changing the design, the original picture look like the unit was designed in the late 70's! This newer design has at least catapulted it into the mid 80's...


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I really don't get it.  Why do so many companies, including Mytek, keep using 50-Ohm video BNC connectors for 75-Ohm digital spdif connections?  Aarrhhgg..

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Originally Posted by Jon L View Post

I really don't get it.  Why do so many companies, including Mytek, keep using 50-Ohm video BNC connectors for 75-Ohm digital spdif connections?  Aarrhhgg..

Judging by the new pic Mytek is using RCA for S/Pdif. Only the word clock an DSD connections are BNC.

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I am wondering how it process the DSD single and output.


Only DSD L and R can output the DSD single?

And USB 3.0 has come out, if still USD USB 2.0, Is it ok?

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Looks like a great uber high end desktop DAC.  

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Originally Posted by mr. nice View Post

DSD? i don't know but im sure they had a very good reason. a simple email to them would address the issue.

There is a lot more to DSD than just SACD as a delivery medium! Korg has made a range of hard-drive recorders, Tascam produces a unit, all of which can record in DSD to a hard-drive. Once the recordist has up-loaded these files to his computer, there is no (economical) way for him to play them back in native DSD, unless he runs a Sony VAIO lap-top equipped with Sonic Mastering Studio software. This is where this Mytek unit enters, to provide a fairly economical (stereo-only) playback. Personally, I have digitized my entire vinyl-collection in DSD using a Korg MR-1, and would be really pleased if this Mytek converter can make the files available in native DSD from my computer hard-drive.

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New look and another delay?






Mytek Digital Stereo 192 DSD DAC - Available in April 2011 Not yet available, planned delivery April moved 4 months later approx.

Digital zu Analog Konverter mit wahnsinns Ausstattung

Mytek Digital bietet mit dem Stereo 192 DSD DAC erstmals ein Gerät in 9,5 Zoll Breite an, das dem Anwender absolut keine Wünsche mehr offen lässt. Das Gerät bietet sowohl USB- als auch Firewire-Anschlüsse um es mit gängigen PC- und MAC-Systemen zu verbinden. Ebenso sind AES, SPDIF, SDIF sowie Wordclock-Anschlüsse vorhanden um den 192 DSD DAC in jede mögliche Umgebung einzubinden. Die Samplerate-Werte gehen über die 192KHz-Marke bis hin zu DSD, mit eingebautem, Jitter-Reduzierendem Upsampling-Verfahren. Ein audiophiler Kopfhörer-Verstärker ist dabei genauso selbstverständlich wie analoge XLR- und Cinch-Ausgänge, ein gerasterter Volumeregler und eine interne Clock nebst Wordclock-Ausgang um andere Digitalgeräte damit zu stabiliseren.

Wer auf der Suche nach einer "Eierlegenden-Wollmilchsau" in Sachen Abhörcontroller, Kopfhörerverstärker und Edelwandler ist, sollte unbedingt den neuen Stereo 192 DSD DAC von Mytek mit in die engere Auswahl nehmen.

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News from http://www.mytekdigital.com/dealers/mytek_price_list.pdf
Apparently, it for the end of this month and the faceplate is uglier than we thought.

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